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5 stars for Sri Sai Sat Charitra for Kids by @ishwar #spirituality #nonfiction #bookreview

Title: Sri Sai Sat Charitra for Kids

Author: Ishwar Joshi Awalgaonkar

Genre: Religion & Spirituality

Book Blurb:

Sri Sai Sat Charitra contains the miracles and teachings of the Hindu Saint Sai Baba of Shirdi. It was originally written from 1922 to 1929 by Raghunath Govind Dabholkar aka Hemadpant after he personally experienced miracles of and received permission from Sai Baba of Shirdi. Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji translated Hemadpant's Marathi edition into English in 1944.

For the first time, this is a brand new 'For Kids' edition of Sri Sai Sat Charitra. Gunaji's edition has been simplified and retold to make it easy for Kids. This includes making the language simpler, explaining the background and concepts mentioned in the original text, splitting the chapters into smaller sections as well as adding questions and answers.

Although this is aimed towards Kids, all ages will find the book interesting, educational and inspirational. Especially if you are new to Hinduism and its concepts.

My Review:

The author, Ishwar Joshi Awalgaonkar, set out a simple goal for Sri Sai Sat Charitra for Kids and succeeded in a brilliant fashion. The point was to turn the writings of Hemadpant Dabholkar into a work for children. Sri Sai Sat Charitra for Kids has done this in excellent fashion. All children in India and those who follow any style of Hindu religion will benefit from reading this book. The author has taken what he stated was a very wordy document and made it understandable.

Sri Sai Sat Charitra for Kids is approachable and an easy read. The book offers handy questions at the end of each chapter to enhance the learning process. Sri Sai Sat Charitra for Kids is not only for children. This book would be a terrific introduction to Sai Satcharitra for any person wanting to open up a new kind of worship. Very engaging and well written, Sri Sai Sat Charitra for Kids just flows.

Someone who is not currently worshiping as a Hindu may find great use of this book. If you are struggling to find a spiritual connection for yourself in this world, this is the book for you. A very well thought out book that exceeds its expectations.

My Rating: 5 stars

Buy it Now:


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Author Biography:

Ishwar Joshi Awalgaonkar experienced his first miracle by Sai Baba’s grace at the age of 10 while growing up in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. He has experienced several miracles since then as he lived across the world. He is a Hindu and has read and studied the holy books of all major religions including Hinduism (Gita, Vedas, Upanishads, Vedanta), Christianity (Bible), Islam (Quran), Buddhism (Dhammapada), Jainism (Akaranga Sutra), Judaism (Tanakh), Sikhism (Guru Granth Sahib), Taoism (Tao te Ching), Shinto (Kojiki) and Zoroastrianism (Zend Avesta).

Ishwar is currently working as a Software Engineering Manager for Google in California. Before this, he was a Software Engineer at Microsoft, Ericsson, Symantec, Anheuser Busch and other companies in Dubai and India. He also co-founded several startups where he filed patents and built unique and innovative Apps. Ishwar majored in English and History. He has read and self-studied ‘The Art of Computer Programming’ which is among the top twenty scientific monographs of the last century along with The Collected Papers of Einstein.

He does Transcendental Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga. He has run a Full Marathon of 26.2 miles / 42.1 kms, earned a Red belt in Tae Kwon Do and climbed Mt. Rainier 14,400 feet. In his spare time these days, he likes to ride his Bicycle or SuperSport Motorcycle.

Ishwar is happily married to Pallavi and they live with their two daughters Samriddhi and Samraadni in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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