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Great book for less than a buck: Strain of Resistance by Michelle Bryan #99cents #scifi #fantasy

Title: Strain of Resistance

Author: Michelle Bryan

Genre: Scifi/ Fantasy

Book Blurb:

I was twelve years old when the world ended.

For eight years I’ve survived this hellhole of a planet, fighting the parasites that mutated most of earth’s population into blood-thirsty freaks, while the rest of us became the lunch special on their human-filled menu. And that’s only one of our problems as we try to survive everyday life in this new reality.

Enough food and water? If we’re lucky.

Leaving the safety of our high walls? Only if we want to face the vicious cannibals and leeches haunting the streets searching for prey.

Living any sort of normalcy? Yeah, right.

If it wasn’t for my fellow hunters and Luke, I would have given up long ago. Luke. My friend. My leader. My rock. The man whose arms held me as my world shattered when the invaders took everything I had left. And he wants more. More time. More... commitment. But these walls I’ve built up are the only thing keeping

me together. If I let him in, if I let myself love him, it’ll only hurt worse when the inevitable happens.

Because in our world, no one is safe, since the only end to this suffering is death. And our war is just beginning.

They’ve already stolen so much from me. It’s time for things to change.

My name is Bixby and I’m the resistance.

Mature themes and explicit language. 17+ Rating.


I should be exhausted and dragging my feet, but the spring in my step is unmistakable. Even though I’ve been awake for almost eighteen hours now, and I know it would be at least another ten before we stop, I don't feel the least bit tired. Being out in the field always does that to me. I feel invigorated. Renewed. Like this is the only time I truly feel alive. Living on the edge appeals to me, and adrenaline is my drug of choice. Some understand where I'm coming from--most don't. They don’t get why I enjoy being out here so much, and I really can't give them an answer. They chalk it up to craziness. I hear the whispers; people question my mental stability behind my back. It doesn't bother me. I question it all the time. Maybe I am crazy. But I believe to survive in this world now, you have to be at least a little crazy. Hell, a whole lot crazy helps you cope even better. I look over at Gordon, and he grins at me, giving me thumbs up. He’s enjoying this as much as me. I take comfort in the fact that the kid’s probably just as mad as I am.

A slight thump and shuffle from the alley up ahead catch our attention. I bring up solid as Luke raises a hand in the air. My heartbeat quickens as my eyes--now accustomed to the dark--search for the source of the noise. In normal times, a thump in the night could be accounted to a stray dog or a raccoon foraging for its nightly meal, but these aren't normal times. The majority of animals that inhabit this city now are of the two-legged variety.

Luke motions us back, and we melt into the shadows of the building cornering the alley. If it is leeches, they'll stumble out eventually once they get a whiff of us. If it’s something else, then we'll have to be more careful. Noises in an alley that we have no choice but to go through screams nothing but trouble.

Dropping my backpack into the building's shadow, I pull my Bowie knives. They feel comforting in my hands, like old friends. I hold the left one blade up, but the right knife I twirl easily with a practiced flick of the wrist so it's facing blade down. Whether it is crazies or leeches, I have a system for dealing efficiently with both. The knives are my weapon of choice. With their 12-inch broad blades and the clip point at the top, they offer me perfect control for thrusting attacks. A quiet and lethal weapon.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

This book has won multiple awards in the scifi/fantasy category. It is a mix of post-apocalyptic adventure, edge of your seat suspense, nail-biting terror, and of course a love story amidst all the chaos, because every story needs romance!

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Author Biography:

I wish I could say I've climbed Mt. Everest or ridden in a hot air balloon around the world, but alas I lead a very quiet life in Nova Scotia, Canada. The only adventures I go on are in my books. But what adventures they are!

When I'm not reading or writing I have a day job as a chocolate shop manager. So yes, I work with both books and chocolate! Living the dream.

The rest of my time is spent with my three favourite guys; my hubby, my son and my crazy fur baby. We are a family of geeks, fans of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, lovers of books and players of video games. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 19, 2020

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your book in our 99 cents Book Sale!

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