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5+ stars for StumpStrong: Strength In Roots by Nicki Pascarella #womensfiction #midlife #menopause #womenslit #bookreview

Title: StumpStrong: Strength In Roots

Author: Nicki Pascarella

Genre: Women’s Fiction


Book Blurb:


Patricia Moore is coming of age. The age is menopause. And she might not survive it.


Her growing pains include not only hot flashes but sharp pangs of loneliness. Her daughter is away at college. Her dear Sheltie, Zoomie, still loves her ex-husband, who’s got new muscles and a new girlfriend. And then there’s the sudden, teenage-hormone levels of lust she feels for her psychotherapist.


She’s wound up in therapy because of her abusive work situation: her boss is evil, and one of her alternative education students has attacked Patti in the classroom, leaving her almost voiceless.


As she faces these savage threats to her health, dignity, career, heart, and sanity, Patti discovers help from an unexpected source: the cassette tapes left behind by her grandfather, a one-armed veteran of WWII.


Pappap’s account of survival after being shot down behind enemy lines provides an example that may be just what she needs to dig herself from the depths of depression, revive her dormant inner power, and stand up for her principles while staying true to herself—and maybe she’ll even find her inner sexy.


Both funny and inspiring, perfect for fans of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Gilmore Girls, StumpStrong weaves modern and historical struggle and romance, its story unfolding through Patti’s diary, her Pappap’s tapes, text messages with her daughter, quotes from Rudyard Kipling, and much more.


My Review:


Menopause is the great equalizer, but for Patti, all her struggles are hardcore bootcamp for her rebirth. Can she find her strength to be victorious through the tapes of her grandfather’s war experience? StumpStrong is a fresh take on mid-life, complete with raw emotion, lush narration, and a heroine to root for. Every woman who is going through (or has gone through) menopause can relate to this heartfelt women’s fiction. I laughed, I cried, I commiserated, I broke down.


Let’s start with the characters. Patti is a heroine among heroes. She’s dealing with big life changes and doesn’t know what to do. Her emotions are what drew me to her, and I connected with her from the start. Her transformation is uplifting to read.


The narration is immersive while also maintaining the emotional mood swings of the main character, Patti. Every scene details what Patti is feeling and going through. It’s addictive to read.


My favorite parts are the reading of Patti’s grandfather’s tapes. The stark retelling of his war stories tore my heart in two. The poignant triumph of the human spirit is evident while reading.


StumpStrong is a beautiful story that all women need to read. It’s Nicki Pascarella’s finest book.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Nicki Pascarella writes Contemporary and Historical romances. She enjoys mixing genres—adding mysteries to steamy small-town romances, or a pinch of paranormal fantasy to her romantic comedies. It’s all about making her readers laugh and fall in love.  


Using her twenty-nine years of experience as a high school teacher and her background in creative writing and journalism, she coaches authors for The MediaCasters. Helping artists break through creative blocks is one of her passions.


When she isn't writing and editing, she reads, runs, and hangs with her husband, daughter, and Shetland sheepdogs. Nicki is also an award-winning belly dancer.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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