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5+ stars for Sunset Ledge by Darlene Deluca #romance #laterinlife #romance #newrelease #bookreview

Title: Sunset Ledge

Author: Darlene Deluca

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Later in Life Romance


Book Blurb:


Jack Armstrong lives like a recluse on his Texas ranch. In the difficult years after his wife’s death, he goes through the motions of life and wants to be left alone.Caroline Tate, a widowed ecology professor, arrives at the ranch for a much-needed break and to take nature photos for her sabbatical project. But relaxing is a challenge when she finds herself at odds with the curmudgeonly cowboy who owns the place.Jack generally steers clear of the guests, but this time, it’s not so easy. Vivacious Caroline doesn’t fade into the background. This city gal comes with pearls around her neck, a big red flower on her floppy hat, and way too many questions. Her self-assured, adventurous spirit gets under Jack’s skin, and she soon stirs feelings long dormant inside him.


My Review:


This slow-burn romance took me by surprise. I expected a cute tale of second-chance romance set in Texas. Instead, by the end of the story I was reading about powerful emotions that had me crying.


A love story of two individuals in their sixties, Caroline and Jack’s story tugged at my heart from the beginning. Caroline is a biologist, a professor of ecology at Vanderbilt University. The new dean is hinting she’s ready for retirement. She’s a widow.


Jack is a ranch owner in Texas and while he’s been a widow for a while, he still wears his wedding ring. His life is his ranch. Especially since his wife’s death, he never leaves it.


In the process of helping Jack step out of his self-imposed isolation, Caroline discovers that maybe she’s been hibernating too.


Ms. Deluca has created characters who are so much more than just names on a page. Because of her writing skill and her sensitivity, I felt Caroline’s vibrancy, her readiness to seize the moment, and her anticipation for her next adventure. Then she showed me Jack’s quiet manner, his melancholy (whether he realized it or not), and his searching his heart for the feelings that simmer within in.


Rounding out the story is a cast of friends and family who listen, encourage, worry, and rejoice with the main characters throughout their journey. I especially felt the ferocity of the love Lauren had for her mom, Caroline.


Sunset Ledge is not only a humorous, touching story of two older individuals finding love again, but also navigating new chapters in their lives, wondering whether they’re still relevant and if they still matter.


Regardless of your age, you’ll fall in love with all the people in Sunset Ledge. Just remember when you visit them, bring some tissues.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Hello, dear readers!


Thank you for visiting. While you're browsing, I hope you'll take a few minutes to read some of the wonderful reviews that other readers have written about my novels. I write a variety of genres, so I hope you find something that appeals to you.


My novels are about people and their relationships - what brings them together, what keeps them apart. My intent is to bring to life interesting and 'real' characters that you, the reader, can relate to in real-life situations that combine a little fun, plenty of drama (with perhaps a tear or two), and big helpings of friendship, love and self-discovery, and will leave you either cheering or sighing with a satisfied smile as you turn the final page.


With a degree in Journalism, I began my writing career as a newspaper reporter, then moved into corporate communications, writing and editing for business-related employee, company and industry publications. I launched into fiction writing just a few years ago, and published my first novel in 2013.


So far, my completed novels and works-in-progress fall into the genres of women's fiction, contemporary romance, and mainstream with romantic elements.


Books have always been a part of my life, and reading has always been a favorite pastime - from my childhood bookworm days when I would hide away with Trixie Belden or Laura Ingalls Wilder, to my busy parenting days when I forgo laundry, housecleaning and sleeping to carve out time for my latest book club read. I love curling up with a cup of tea and a bite of dark chocolate, and getting lost in a good story.


Happy reading to all!


You can learn more at:


p.s. Please note that while some of my books fit the contemporary romance category, they are fairly mild in terms of heat level. If you're looking for hot and steamy romance with explicit sex scenes, these probably aren't for you!


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Reviewed by: Terry


Marsha Riegert West
Marsha Riegert West
Jun 24

Great review and I love the story and the book oover. Just purchased. :)


Liz Flaherty
Liz Flaherty
Jun 24

This sounds so wonderful!

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