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5 stars for Switch: The Reincarnation Series by @WritesMorse #pnr #bdsm #vampireromance

Title: Switch: The Reincarnation Series: Book 3

Author: Hannah Morse

Genre: BDSM Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance, BDSM Romance

Book Blurb:

Time does not heal all wounds, or does it? Anne Black enjoys being in control of her life. She trains MMA fighters by day and works as a dominatrix by night. A single encounter with a mysterious and handsome stranger turns her world upside down. Suddenly, memories of another life haunt her. Top hats, carriages, and ballgowns? Love? It can’t be real! William Ollerton imagined a quiet life in a vicarage with his young wife, until she is brutally murdered. Grief-stricken, he accepts the gift of immortality with the hope he will see his lost love reborn. Centuries pass, but one night changes his world and eternity doesn’t seem impossible after all. When the past clashes with the present, the hunt is on and everything he’s waited for is put at risk. Will Anne and William have their second chance? Or will history repeat itself? * Content notice: on-page violence, strong BDSM elements, and explicit adult situations. The Reincarnation Series is a multiauthor series featuring vampires, reincarnation, and second chances at love. Each has a happily ever after. For all vampire romance lovers! Black Lotus, Book 1 – Author Kristal Dawn Harris Vintage, Book 2 - Author Laura M. Baird Switch, Book 3 - Author Hannah Morse Blood Tears Book 4 - Author Alyna Lochlan Renaissance, Book 5 -Author Kristal Dawn Harris Buccaneer, Book 6-Author Kristal Dawn Harris Eternity, Book 7 -Author April Hollingworth Dreamcatcher, Book 8 -Author Marilyn Barr Syre, Book 9 -Author Kyann Waters

My Review:

Anne craves control but when William reveals their true past lives, she must release her fears and let love strengthen her. Anne is a dome, not a sub, but when a mysterious man named William enters her playroom, she submits to his commands without question. Who is her? He claims they know one another, and he demands she utter his name. Through a series of BDSM play, she remembers all, including her brutal murder. William has waited two centuries for her but to choose to give up her soul and become a vampire? That'll take some time, time which they might have run out of thanks to the Hunters. Will Anne walk away from her true love, the keeper of her soul, or will she spend all of eternity with her beloved William?

Switch is a seductive vampire romance I couldn't put down. Vampires are inherently violent so adding BDSM elements to this story makes complete sense. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop and wound up reading it in one sitting. Anne's strong, butt-kicking persona is William's undoing. The dynamics between these two were intoxicating to read. Here’s a mighty vampire brought to his knees by a woman. An intriguing twist in the realm of paranormal romance. The plot progression was smooth with just the right amount of conflict, tension, and emotional arcs. The descriptive narration, though, is what makes Switch sensual, emotional, and exhilarating. Both POVs are expressive while propelling the story. This is my first Hannah Morse book and I've instantly become a fan. She's a brilliant writer who knows how to write romance. I look forward to reading more from her. Highly recommend!

Trigger Warning: violence, BDSM play

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Hannah Morse is an author of contemporary and historical romance novels. She lives in New Mexico with her high school sweetheart and too many Chihuahuas. She can be found binging Netflix shows or reading steamy novels when she isn't hard at work writing a happily ever after. Free story for newsletter subscribers!

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Barbara Bettis
12 abr 2022

What a wonderful review!! Congratulations, Hannah, and best of luck with your book.

Me gusta
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