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5+ stars for Temporary Nanny for the Tycoon by @marietuhart #steamyromance #newrelease #bookreview

Title: Temporary Nanny for the Tycoon

Author: Marie Tuhart

Genre: Contemporary Steamy Romance

Book Blurb:

Blake Ellington doesn’t need the complication of taking care of his niece in the middle of delicate business negations, but what choice does he have. His mother is in the hospital and his sister out of the country. He has no idea of how to handle a baby, let alone one that won’t stop crying.

When Practically Perfect Nannies sends over Abby Thomas, Blake is thrilled, though the spark between them is disturbing. He doesn’t have time for this attraction. It’s only for a week. He can avoid the temptation, can’t he?

With an outrageous amount offered for the nanny job, Abby will have enough to support herself as she goes after her dream of being a full-time pastry chef. She can’t refuse.

She didn’t expect to find her client so irresistible, but he is a client and she has a rule about not getting involved. Besides, she doesn’t need a man in her life. Her job is to take care of the baby and that’s what she plans to do. Until Blake kisses her.

My Review:

Falling for the nanny…it’s a total cliché but there’s something tempting about Abby. Just when his life was going smoothly, Blake’s mother falls and winds up in the hospital. With no one else to care for his niece, he agrees to take care of her. How hard could it be? Boy was he ever wrong. Who knew that a baby could scream for so long? In over his head, he hires a nanny. From the minute Abby arrives, she takes control. He’s astounded by her skills but unprepared for his intense attraction to her. The timing couldn’t be more wrong. Plus, he’s not some cliché. He can handle it, right? All logic flies out the window when he kisses her. It’s only for a week but his heart doesn’t agree. Can Abby be more than a temporary nanny? Can she see him as more than her boss?

Temporary Nanny for the Tycoon is a steamy romance I couldn’t stop reading. From the start to finish, I was hooked. It all comes down to the characters and romantic tension. Abby and Blake are thrown together and while it’s awkward at first, soon the sizzle of attraction takes over. I connected with both Abby and Blake. Abby is a wonderful character and knows how to take charge. Blake is thrown off his game by suddenly being thrust into caring for an infant. The romantic tension is simmering just under the surface and oh so yummy. The way these two interact had an almost romantic comedy feel. Great chemistry, misunderstandings, and an adorable little baby at the heart of it all. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. The plot moves at a great pace with descriptive narration and a tight cast of characters. There’s a lovely depth of feeling to this story. Romance readers will love Temporary Nanny for the Tycoon, as I did. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Marie Tuhart is a multi-published author of hot contemporary romance for readers fascinated by approachable alpha males in and out of the bedroom. Marie’s fun, safe and sexy stories offer a captivating romantic escape in the arms of likeable characters who know which buttons to push and which are off limits. Go on, embrace the temptation…

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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