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5 stars for The Acadian Secret by Tammy Lowe #yalit #timetravel #adventure #bookreview

Title: The Acadian Secret

Author: Tammy Lowe

Genre: Action-Adventure, YA/Young Adult, Time Travel Adventure, YA Time Travel Adventure

Book Blurb:

Nova Scotia has kept an incredible secret for centuries. In 1795, sixteen-year-old John Smith, convinced he’s found buried treasure, digs down into a mysterious pit on a small island.

In present-day Nova Scotia, twelve-year-old Elisabeth London knows there’s no such thing as magic, but when she finds herself in seventeenth-century Scotland, she no longer knows what to think. While under the guardianship of a kind-hearted Highlander, Elisabeth discovers his ancestral home holds a mystery of its own.

As John continues to dig the strange pit, he inadvertently begins the longest-running, most expensive, and deadliest treasure hunt in history. Now, Elisabeth London and John Smith each try to unravel the secrets consuming them, unaware that a tormented young man holds the string weaving all of their lives together.

For Elisabeth, the adventure is just beginning. Unless her parents discover she’s time-travelling. Then…she is so grounded.

My Review:

If you have spent any time in the last odd decade watching a pair of brothers attempt to recover a treasure on a small island...then this book is for you! This is an amazing book that is an eye opener to the average reader. There has never been a time travel concept like the one used here. This book simply turns the tried-and-true time travel genre on its head. Kudos to the author for the incredible originality.

The story is multi-faceted and has enough tension to keep you glued to the pages. This book, at times, is a lovely coming of age with all the joy and fun that comes from that. There is also a dark edge that will grip the reader and keep one on edge.

Never one to give away anything about a book…but let me say if what the book says is true, there are going to be some very disappointed people associated with a certain dig. There are characters in this book who are loathe-worthy. The author deals with these in a wonderful fashion that had me clapping over those scenes.

A creative and fun book that will appeal to adventure fans. A book for fans of treasure hunting books. A book for fans of coming-of-age stories. An excellent book that sets the stage for the highly anticipated book two.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

An adventurer at heart, Tammy has explored ruins in Rome, Pompeii, and Istanbul (Constantinople) with historians and archaeologists.

She’s slept in the tower of a 15th century castle in Scotland, climbed down the cramped tunnels of Egyptian pyramids, scaled the Sydney Harbour Bridge, sailed on a tiny raft down the Yulong River in rural China, dined at a Bedouin camp in the Arabian Desert, and escaped from head-hunters in the South Pacific.

I suppose one could say her own childhood wish of time traveling adventures came true…in a roundabout way.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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