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Title: The Angel and the SEAL

Author: Petie McCarty

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Military Romance

Book Blurb:

Series 1st Place--2019 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Awards

2019 N.N. Light Book Award--Military Romance

The Angel and the SEAL . . . a cozy mystery with romantic suspense from the Mystery Angel Romances series. An angel hidden in every book waiting for you to figure out who . . .

Navy SEAL Sean MacKay's teammate is murdered after stealing a deadly nerve-gas formula from Syrian terrorists. Naval Intelligence believes MacKay's teammate was a traitor and shipped the stolen formula to his sister in the states for safekeeping. MacKay is given orders to find the sister before the terrorists do and to retrieve the stolen formula at all costs.

Foreclosure looms for Cory Rigatero as she fights to keep her rustic resort near Mt. St. Helens afloat after her brother deserted her to join the SEAL Teams. Cory's whole world dives into a tailspin when Sean MacKay shows up at her resort with the news of her brother's death and the wild suspicion her brother may have sent her traitorous classified documents. No way will Cory trust MacKay -- the man who once seduced her and then vanished into the night without a trace.


“Why did I let you talk me into this?” Cory asked as Sarah George wheeled her Honda into the parking lot at Opie’s Tavern on Friday night.

Sarah had been Cory’s best friend since grade school and the complete antithesis to Cory: curvy where Cory was slender, short where Cory was tall, blonde where Cory was a brunette, rough curls to Cory’s straight silk. And right now, her best friend stared at her, an appalled expression clearly visible in the lights from the parking lot.

“You need to get out more,” Sarah informed her, “especially after the day you’ve had.”

“Tell me about it.”

Cory’s headache was still trying to fight past the ibuprofen she had taken after the evidence techs had finally departed. Dane dispatched his techs as soon as he got back to town with orders to go over the rental building where the kayaks were stored. No chance of fingerprints on the kayaks after their extended submersion in the lake.

“I still can’t believe someone would sabotage your kayaks.”

Cory sighed heavily. “Me either.”

“Which is why I dragged you out tonight. Plus, we haven’t been out together in weeks. You can’t spend all your time working at that resort. Which reminds me, does poor Garth always howl like that when you lock him in the house?”

Cory laughed. “Only when Vern and Cook are both gone for the evening too. Remember, I got him as a rescue, and I think he suffers from separation anxiety.”

“What about your new employee? Couldn’t he watch Garth?”

Cory shook her head. “I heard Mac leave around sunset. Took off on his motorcycle.”

“Maybe he’s here,” Sarah suggested hopefully.

Cory sighed. Her friend hated for Cory to keep secrets, and right now, Mac was a big one since she knew little or nothing about him and hired him anyway. She couldn’t explain to Sarah how she felt as though she’d known Mac for years rather than days. She couldn’t even explain it to herself.

The two of them had worked side by side almost the entire day. Whatever job she had, Mac had appeared whenever she needed him. The help had started with the bags of mulch she was loading into a small wagon in the barn.

Cory had hooked the wagon to the smaller John Deere riding tractor, intending to start at Lucky’s cabin and remulch the flower beds now that the tulip and daffodil bulbs were coming up. She hoisted the first of the two-cubic-foot bags into the wagon and bent over to pick up another. Muscular arms closed over hers and around the bag.

“Let me get that for you.”

Mac’s face appeared at her shoulder, his cheek close enough that if she moved her lips a very few inches, she could press a kiss there.

Now where did that thought come from? Easy, girl.

The rich smell of man, out-of-doors, and a hint of the morning’s after-shave had wafted over her and had her thinking sensual thoughts, like cheek-smooching.

Okay, way more sensual than just cheeks, she thought, as her gaze zeroed in on sexy lips made for kissing. Lips so full and so soft and so noticeable even when surrounded by the close-clipped dark beard. Lips that easily curved into a killer smile capable of stealing her breath away. Lips like that had to be made for kissing. His eyes studied hers intently.

Dear Lord, don’t let this man read my thoughts. They’d set his hair on fire.

As though he had heard, the noticeably sexy lips curved into the aforementioned breath-stealing smile.

Kiss me. Please, kiss me.

The wayward thought made her gasp in surprise.

He shifted back a few inches. “It’s okay. I’ve got it.”

Great. He’d heard. How embarrassing. She had gasped like an adolescent teen.

He straightened and gathered the mulch bag into his arms, then dropped it into the wagon. “These are too heavy for you.”

“Not really. I’d have to load them if you weren’t here.”

“But I am here.

His voice had gone husky, and her skin tingled. He was only inches away again. When had he moved? So quick, so silent.

His predatory-blue eyes trained on her, skimming over her face—over her—as though memorizing the way she looked. Or did he search for answers to unasked questions?

Her pulse rioted. Her palms grew clammy.

Mac leaned closer.

She held her breath.

“I . . .” He hesitated.

What? Tell me.

Tell me or kiss me.

One or the other.

He cleared his throat. “I want to thank you for the job.”

The pent-up air whooshed out of her disappointed lungs as he bent down to grab another mulch bag. What had just happened? She had almost kissed her new temporary laborer in the barn on his second day of work. That was nuts.

So why did it feel so right?

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