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5+ stars for The Awkward Armadillo: A Mental Health Memoir by @AimeeBooks #memoir #mentalhealth

Title: The Awkward Armadillo: A Mental Health Memoir

Author: Aimee Larson

Genre: Memoir, Mental Health

Book Blurb:

There are monsters that are fought every day.

You know the feeling you get when you’re depressed and you want to shut off from the world? Perhaps curl up in a ball and hide under blankets. This is Armadillo Mode.

So where do I begin with my story? I have no idea. Introductions are difficult at best.

This fun, heartfelt, and sometimes sorrowful account of growing up with anxiety, depression, and social awkwardness is a journey that might reveal secrets about ourselves. The author’s humor and randomness bring light to her darkest struggles in a way that’s so human it resonates as you read her words.

As an anxious child trying to navigate her way through the odd instance known as life, she touches on important topics, details her personal hardships such as being labeled a Special Needs Student, grappling with speech and learning disabilities, and trying to figure out who she was amidst the chaos of depression and anxiety.

Grab a glass of tea, wine, or beer and get ready to find light in the darkness, an unexpected smile, and a story that’ll turn you inside out while giving you hope.

My Review:

I have read a number of books about the journey through mental health issues. Every time, I am struck by the sheer courage exhibited by the author. This book is no exception. Without any doubt, Aimee is one of the bravest people in the world. To place her life story out for the world to see is so courageous.

The Awkward Armadillo is a compelling read. As you ache for Aimee's pain from her anxiety and depression, you are uplifted by her humor. This person is a miracle because deep down inside this turtle shell is the heart of a comedienne.

You cannot help but smile every time Aimee considers llamas or dragons as the creature most likely to turn the tide or save the day. The traumas and struggles Aimee endures make her a veteran. If there was one person she interacted with in her life that I could help her with, it is 'Jim'. Her old college roommate needs five minutes alone with me while I explain it is never appropriate to intimidate a person weaker than you.

People faced with anxiety and/or depression will get a lot out of this book. There is the indefatigable core that can't be defeated. Aimee shows that no matter how hard you are pushed by your monster, you can overcome it. Powerful and touching, this is a book that will make you cry and make you cheer. A great read and a superb addition to the self-help area of mental health issues. The main message that resonates is having a mental health issue doesn't define a person. The example that a forest full of bunnies isn't a bunny is apt. A person with a mental health issue is just a person. A brilliantly written book that will touch anyone willing to take this journey of self-improvement.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Aimee Larson is a socially awkward girl who lives in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. She is a poet, writer and author of her upcoming book "The Awkward Armadillo: A Mental Health Memoir" She hopes to dive into writing more books, including fantasy and poetry books.

She also has a socially awkward dog, and two very cuddly cats. Also, a hubby who is "her kind of weird."

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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