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The Baker’s Husband by @Jws415Sharpe is a Christmas and Holiday Festival pick #romance #giveaway

Title: The Baker’s Husband

Author: Jeannie Sharpe

Genre: Christian Romantic Mystery

Book Blurb:

Is Chloe's husband, Jake Livingston dead? Mitchell Terrison, the new DA in town, is the only person who can help her find the truth. Their search begins in the small town of Mt. Claire where he disappeared two years before. Early the next morning while out on her daily walk, Chloe is drawn to a nearby mansion. Could Jake be there? After seeking information from the groundskeeper, she holds on to her dreams of finding him alive. Mitchell prays Chloe finds the truth. He knows he cannot have a relationship with her until she can let go of her husband. This love story between two men will have you reading until the end.


His heart hammered against his chest when he caught her looking his way.

Her irresistible body and gorgeous good looks had him reeling inside. He spared an extra second to take it all in. He brushed his hand down her arm. “I missed you.”

“I thought you were going to call when you were close,” she said.

“I did. I called you twenty minutes ago.”

“I didn’t hear my phone ring. My bad.”

He sat close to her but was careful not to invade her space. “So, tell me how it went this morning?”

Her nearness, and clean, soapy scent, triggered a flood of emotions. He focused on her every word and admired her perfect features. Her hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, all perfect. He adored her so. She may never realize his love for her.

She relayed details from her day: the color of Harriet’s house, how she knew the officer who’d locked them up, and the great coffee shop that Harriet owned and operated. “I got a little upset when she told me her husband’s opinion of Jake, though.”

“Which was?” He straightened to face her.

“That Jake might have been drunk or could’ve been in trouble with the police. Her husband, Brent, thought that’s why he left the accident scene.”

“Did he drink?”

“If he did, I didn’t know about it.”

Mitchell wiped his beard. “Was he in trouble with the law?”

“Not to my knowledge. I’ve racked my brain trying to remember if he said or did anything unusual the day before he left on his business trip.”

Gretchen appeared fifteen minutes later with a tray of sandwiches, dishes of potato salad, and two glasses of iced tea. “Here you go,” she said. “I hope you enjoy.”

“Thank you, Gretchen,” Chloe said.

“Yes, thank you.” Mitchell rose and took the tray.

“I meant to tell you, Gretchen told me about a woman who works at the Med-Center who might have information concerning Jake. Could we go see her this afternoon?”

“That sounds like a great idea. These sandwiches look superb. I’m starved.”

“Me too. I’ll pray for us.” She bowed her head. “Lord, we are thankful for this meal. Open doors for us today. We thank you for your wonderful blessings upon our lives. Amen.”

The sandwich was fantastic. “Gretchen really has a nice place. And this is delicious,” Chloe said in between bites.

Mitchell nodded as he chewed. “I love her place. I stay here every time I’m in town.” He glanced at his watch. “We’ve got plenty of time to do some investigation this afternoon.”

After they finished eating, Chloe gathered their plates while Mitchell picked up their napkins and empty tea glasses.

Into the kitchen they went. Gretchen was washing dishes. “Thanks for lunch. We loved it,” Mitchell said.

“You’re welcome. I guess I’ll see you two for dinner then?”

He ran his hand over his beard. “We won’t be here for dinner tonight.”

“Okay, dear. I’ll have breakfast ready for you in the morning then. Enjoy your afternoon.”

“Let me get my purse. I’ll be out in five minutes,” Chloe said.

“Okay, I’ll see you at the car.”

He retrieved his duffle bag from his trunk. As he stood in front of the beautiful bed and breakfast, he reflected that the grand place was perfect. A blissful sight indeed. He ran his fingers over the smooth handrail on his way back inside. Yes, I’m glad to be here. He hurried up the stairs, dug for his room key and slid it into the lock. As he pushed open the door and dropped his bag on the floor, he stopped at the dresser mirror, making sure he looked decent. Yeah, you look presentable. He squinted, eyeing his teeth and grabbed his toothbrush from his attaché case. He slipped into the bathroom, brushed his teeth, ruffled his dark curls, then re-tucked his dress shirt into his pants. “Got to be perfect for her. She deserves nothing less.”

Moments later he spied the beautiful woman beside the Beamer. “Hey, you’re fast. I took my bags to my room.”

She quickly jumped into the car. “Hurry, it’s starting to rain.”

Raindrops hit his face. “I didn’t check the forecast. Was it supposed to rain today?”

“I don’t know.” She looked at the darkened skies above. “It looks like it could pour all afternoon.”

They drove through town and searched for the Med-Center. As they entered the lobby, a nice-looking elderly man sat behind the desk and greeted them.

“Hello, how may I help you?”

Mitchell stepped up. “Yes, hello, sir. We would like to see …” she held out the paper with the lady’s name on it. He squinted. “Uh, Janet Bradford, please.”

“Please have a seat. I’ll see if she’s available.” Less than two minutes later, the double doors to their right swung open and a young man approached them.

“Are you waiting to see Mrs. Bradford?”

“Yes,” Mitchell replied. His voice was professional and polite.

“Follow me. I’ll show you to her office.”

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Share a holiday family tradition:

One thing my husband and I like to do is, the day after Thanksgiving we jump in my husband’s truck gather up our dogs, allowing them to go along and start looking for a Christmas Tree Lot that has uncut trees. We search and search and finally when we find the right one, we cut it down, grab a cup of hot chocolate and sing Christmas carols on the way home.

Why is your featured book perfect to get readers in the holiday mood:

The Baker’s Husband is a great book to cuddle up with and read when you have nothing else to do. Enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to boot.


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Author Biography:

Love to write. I am trying to give readers the same feelings I felt when reading Karen Kingsbury and Debbie Macomber's books. Having two books out, The Baker's Husband and Her Preacher's Daughter. I'm reaching the finish of my third book in the Second Chances Series. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. I am married with two children, have two dogs and want to have a writing career sometime in the near future. With your help my dreams can come true. God Bless You!

Social Media:

FB – Jeannie Sharpe and Jeannie Sharpe Books

Instagram – Sharpejewelry

Twitter – @jws415Sharpe


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Membro desconhecido
23 de dez. de 2020

I love a good mystery with romance on top


Membro desconhecido
06 de dez. de 2020

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
03 de dez. de 2020

Thank you, Jeannie, for sharing your book in our Christmas and Holiday Book Festival!

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