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5 stars for The Bar Scene by @GinnyFrost14 #romance #steamy #bookreview

Title: The Bar Scene

Author: Ginny Frost

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Terese Brock manages the Oakwood Tavern with style and grace. Unfortunately, she's trying to avoid her employer’s IRS disaster and her own debts. She needs a new job—fast. Terese hopes to land an executive position at the new conference center, the perfect solution to all her money woes.

For months, Drew Drake has admired Terese from afar, but she doesn’t know he exists. He’s thrilled when his humor and persistence catch her eye. And when she takes him home, he discovers she’s everything he expected, and so much more.

Drew fails to mention he’s the heir to one of the most successful businesses in town, the force behind the new conference center. Rather than clue her in, he decides to let her get to know the real him. When she walks into her interview, ready to kick ass and take names, her universe shatters. Behind the desk sits her boy-toy, Drew.

My Review:

In a bind, bar manager Terese interviews for an executive position at the new conference center but balks when she discovers her fling, Drew, will be her boss. Terese loves managing the Oakwood Tavern but things go sideways when the owner runs into IRS issues. Up to her eyeballs in debt, she needs a new job, stat. The new conference center has an executive job offer too good to be true. It would clear her debts and set her up for life. All her hopes ride on nailing the interview but when she walks in the door, her jaw drops. The guy she’s been having a fling with sits behind the desk, and she doesn’t know what to do. Feeling betrayed, she tunes out Drew’s explanation. Can Terese and Drew turn their explosive attraction into something more?

The Bar Scene is a sizzling romance I adored from start to finish. It was fun to be a fly on the wall, knowing who Drew was and cheering for this couple to fall in love. From the first page, the attraction singed my fingers. *fans myself* Such volatile chemistry needs to be explored and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. The descriptive narration was intricate and with a deep POV, The Bar Scene transported me inside the story. I connected with Terese and loved her as the heroine. Drew is a wealthy man but doesn’t come across as a snob. He’s so down to earth and lovable. The romance is hot with plenty of action, if you know what I mean. The plot moves at a great pace with a fair share of sexy times. If you’re looking for a romance to curl up to on a cold night, pick up The Bar Scene. This is my first Ginny Frost book, and it won’t be my last. She knows how to write compelling yet steamy romance. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Ginny Frost is a hybrid author with two novels from The Wild Rose Press and four indie titles. She writes contemporary romance with a sexy, funny kick. In her downtime, she plays clerk at the local library—the perfect job to feed her reading addiction. She lives in upstate NY with her very own kindhearted ogre, their two smart and sassy daughters, and an evil cat named Flash.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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