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Black Friday Deal | The Bride Finder by Susan Carroll #blackfriday #paranormalromance #giveaway

Title: The Bride Finder

Author: Susan Carroll

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

High atop the cliffs of Cornwall, a mysterious castle stands, home to the St. Legers, a family possessed of otherworldly powers. Haunted by this legacy, Anatole St. Leger lives in lonely isolation until the day he is forced to yield to his family's strangest tradition. Forbidden by an ancient curse to choose his own wife, Anatole must rely on the services of a distant cousin. Known as the Bride Finder, Septimus Fitzleger is blessed with the unique gift to find the woman who is Anatole's destiny.

Madeline Breton is that chosen bride. Wooed by Fitzleger's promises of a happily-ever-after marriage, the sensible Madeline dares to dream and travels to Cornwall to meet her new husband. But Anatole is nothing like the gentle scholar of her imagination. With his strapping physique and wild black hair, he appears more like an ancient Celtic warrior, guarding both his family secrets and his heart.

Yet somewhere in the depths of his fierce dark eyes, Madeline catches glimpses of a man who is as vulnerable and lonely as she is. Despite their differences, passion ignites between them. But before the Bride Finder's promise of a forever love can be fulfilled, a dangerous foe returns, seeking revenge against all St. Legers.

Madeline must summon all her courage to defeat this enemy and save the man she loves before it is too late. . .


Madeline only stared at him. Of all the strange things she had experienced since coming to Castle Leger—and the list was growing long—this was by far the most disconcerting.

Her proud, arrogant, and powerful husband, surely the most unromantic and ungallant man she had ever known, was kneeling at her feet like some bashful swain. She had to stifle an urge to break into nervous laughter.

His much-abused queue had finally come undone, his hair swirling black and wild about the granite-chiseled planes of his face. With his warrior’s scar, his cape pooling off his broad shoulders, he could well have been some medieval knight paying homage to his lady. If it had not been for his ferocious scowl.

“Here!” he repeated tersely. “Take the cursed sword, Madeline.”

She had no choice but to obey. Holding out her hands, she gingerly accepted the heavy blade, blue steel glinting against the white cushion of her gloves. She was fascinated in spite of herself. She had never realized a sword could be so elegant, its beauty almost mystical with the wrought gold hilt and sparkling crystal.

As soon as the sword was safely in her hands, Anatole leapt to his feet.

“Is this all?” Madeline breathed. “Is the ceremony over?”

“Yes,” he snapped. “I—I mean no.” He ducked his head, his cheeks stained a dull red. “I’m supposed to say something like, ‘Lady, I surrender to you my sword and my—my...”

The rest of his words were lost, muttered between his clenched teeth.

“Your sword and your what?” she asked timidly.

He muttered again, and still she could not hear him. When she cocked her head inquiringly, he shot her a baleful glare.

“Damn it, I said, I surrender my sword, my heart, and my soul for all eternity!”

Beautiful words. Or they would have been if they had not been bellowed at the top of Anatole’s lungs. If he had really meant them.

Madeline fingered the sword in dismay. “But what am I to do with it?”

“The sword or my soul?”

“Either.” The weight of both threatened to lie heavy upon her hands.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

Winner of the RITA award for Best Paranormal Romance, the Bride Finder has been acclaimed by best selling romance authors.

"An intriguing tale that proves the wounds of the heart can be healed by the magic of true love." Nora Roberts

"The Bride Finder is an absolutely beautiful love story, a spellbinding combination of magic, passion and destiny." Kristin Hannah.

"The Bride Finder is totally fresh and original. . .The dynamite plot has a fascinating premise that keeps you riveted to the last page and still wanting more when you're finally forced to close the book." Iris Johansen

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Runs November 27 – December 2, 2020.

Winner will be drawn on December 3, 2020.

Author Biography:

Author Susan Carroll began her career in 1986, writing historical romance and regencies, two of which were honored by Romance Writers of America with the RITA award. Her St. Leger series received much acclaim. The Bride Finder was honored with a RITA for Best Paranormal Romance in 1999. Ms. Carroll launched a new series with the publication of The Dark Queen, set during the turbulent days of the French Renaissance. Her most recent work is the fantasy, Disenchanted, a whimsical retelling of Cinderella. Ms. Carroll was born in Latrobe, Pa. She currently resides in Illinois.

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