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5 stars for The Cootie Wars: Rise of the Germaphobes by @TheCootieWars #mglit #adventure #bookreview

Title: The Cootie Wars: Rise of the Germaphobes

Author: Kofi Houston

Genre: Middle-Grade Action-Adventure, Humor, and Light Horror

Book Blurb:

Dr. Cooties, genius scientist and son of Emperor Ivan Von Cooties, leads the Ickyonian Empire in their quest to spread the cootie virus throughout the universe. As he and his Legion of Ickyness set their sights on Earth, can the Germaphobes rise in time to stop them, or will they succumb to his evil schemes?

My Review:

It’s the ultimate battle in this children’s book full of adventure. There’s an evil scientist with a great villain name (Dr. Cooties) and our group of brave kids out to save the world (Germaphobes).

Talk about a book written for kids. This book features all the elements which combine to make a story kids want to read. Colorful characters with fun names. An easy plot to understand. Relatable characters who act like kids. Imaginative action scenes. This book encompasses all these traits and more.

The writing is peppered with punchy dialogue and uses kid-friendly language. The author has some serious writing chops and it comes across while reading.

I thorough enjoyed reading this book. Any kid would love to read this one. It would make for a great streaming show.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Kofi is the youngest of his mother’s four children and the middle child of his father’s. He had always had a passion for writing at an early age, and that passion was fanned upon reading one of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books as a child. Ever since then, he would imagine himself as a famous writer and see his books populate tables in Scholastic Book Fairs all over the country. He currently resides in Hawaii with his fiancee Javia and their cat Jade.

Social Media Links:

Personal pages

Twitter and Instagram: @Kofimagne

Cootie Wars Pages

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @thecootiewars

Reviewed by: Kris


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