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5 stars for The Creator’s Descendants – Rebirth of the Heiress #yalit #yafantasy #bookreview

Title: The Creator’s Descendants – Rebirth of the Heiress

Author: Allici Edragal

Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Blurb:

One man controlled humanity`s destiny. The rebels were hunted and those who surrendered were enslaved. Darkness cursed the continent of Eberon and the islands surrounding it. It was not known how it all ended this way. Part of ancient history had been erased. Until hope finally arose.

Imprisoned since her childhood, Althea discovers the meaning of freedom and boards on a journey to uncover her origins and the mysteries behind her overwhelming power.

My Review:

It is rare for a reader to catch the beginning of what will be a must-read series. This book begins the tale of a world in turmoil. It is hard to fathom the young girl languishing in a horrid prison is the hope for the world. The author skillfully creates the world and the characters within so that the reader is eager to follow along.

This book leaves the reader with the key unanswered questions. Can Althea be the one? Is it love? Is it Dominic or Abel? How powerful is Orion?

The answers to these questions are yet to come. This book takes you on the journey of growth and discovery for Althea. From a person taken out of the world as a kid to her new freedom. You get to experience life for the first time along with her. There is drama, there is intrigue, there is mystery, there is danger, there is romance, there is a triangle. There is something here for every reader. Jump in and get to know this world. You must read this first book to get ready for the next chapter in what will be a bestselling tale.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Wearing the pseudonym of Allici Edragal, the writer started the Epic Fantasy project "The Creator's Descendants" as a web novel, which is now published on Ebook and paperback format.

Originally from Brazil, the author currently lives in Poland, and works in the corpo world. However, in her free time, she writes fantasy stories, focused for YA public.

Though the author published in the past materials in her native language, The Creator's Descendants is the first series wrote primarily in English, creating the challenge of exploring new writing techniques in a different language.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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