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New Release | The Day After by Andrew Masseurs #apocalyptic #dystopian #suspense #thriller #newrelease #bookboost

Title The Day After

Author Andrew Masseurs

Genre Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Suspense/ Thriller


Book Blurb


They called it, The Vanishing. When the world’s population mysteriously disappeared. Michael Stevenson and his family somehow managed to survive in a world of adversity filled with new strange predatory creatures. Now, in the sequel to the well received novella, A Day in the Life, that reviewers called:


“An unparalleled reading experience.”


“A literary roller coaster that defies expectations.”




“Impressed is an understatement.”


We will find out what the strange being really meant when it said, “you will probably not survive, Michael Stevenson.” When the world recognises you as a virus. The worst enemy in an existence that wants you dead. Might just be yourself.


Join our brave heroine, 14 year old Shelby Frances O’Leary and author, Andrew Masseurs on the adventure of a hazardous, devastating lifetime.




“We can all hear that, honey.” Said Teresa, with a straight face.


          “It’s good innit.” Shouted Michael, smiling, one ear still hearing the ear splitting music. “Want me to turn it up?” He asked, knowing the answer. He turned it off. She kissed his cheek as a thank you. He smiled at her, loving having his beautiful wife back beside him.


          “If you need a rest I can take over.” Offered Teresa.


          “It’s okay, I’ve got it.”


          “Where are you taking us?” Asked Teresa. Her body curled up uncomfortably in her small seat.


          “I’m not sure. I’m thinking, maybe, the houses up on the hill. You see up ahead? It would be safer up there.”


          “What about home?” Asked Teresa as she yawned and placed her hand on Michael’s lap. He smiled at her and flicked on the lights again showing a curved road coming up.


          “Home is long gone, Mum.” Remarked Lucy, from the back seat. Michael looked up at the mirror catching Lucy’s eyes. Her arms were raised stretching. She yawned also.


          “Hello sleepy head.” Smiled Michael as his eyes went back onto the turning street. He placed his hand on Teresas, turning off the lights once the car had finished winding up the long bend.


          “The house is gone?” Asked Teresa.


          “Long gone,” Answered Michael. He turned her way.


          “Everyone vanished, Teresa. A year ago or more. Everyone, just disappeared.”


          “Gone.” Said Lucy.


          “Poof!” Joined in Shelby, sitting in the backseat by Lucy. She was patting Pup’s head. Pup’s tails were flickering slightly.


          “I...I vanished?”


          “You, and I thought Lucy as well, were gone. Just...disappeared.”


          “I turned up later Mum.” Said Lucy as she looked out the window trying to make out shadowy shapes. 


          “...And those, those creatures, those... monsters that we saw, back at the house.”


          “I had a guy once say to me. The earth has been cleansed and we have been chosen.” Said Lucy, turning her head from the window towards Michael.


          “It was cleansed alright, cleansed of all the shit.” Said Shelby, matter-of-factly. Teresa looked at Michael worriedly.


          “That being we saw…it said, we…we wouldn’t survive.”


          “We’re not supposed to survive, Teresa…Look, as crazy as it sounds I don’t think we should say anything. To anybody about what happened.” Michael looked between the mirror at the girls and Teresa. “No ones going to believe that we were visited by an engineer or architect that brought you all back to life and gave us a second chance…”


          “...A fucking, blue angel.” Interrupted Shelby, smiling.


          “Thank you Shelby, a…blue angel.” Repeated Michael, his voice starting to raise.


          “Blue angel?” Asked Lucy, quietly, looking over at Shelby.


          “Pinocchio.” Answered Shelby, fluttering her hands on either side of her shoulders. Michael carried on,


          “ ones going to believe a blue angel visited us and made us into real boys…”


          “...girls!” Corrected Shelby.


          “Exactly.” Agreed Michael, smiling at Shelby. “We don’t say anything about the blue angel unless someone brings up the blue angel first, get it?”


          “Got it.” Answered Shelby.


          Teresa and Lucy remained quiet with serious faces. The car went soundless as Michael turned on the lights again. He swerved past a Mini Cooper sitting on the left side of the road. The car made a swooshing sound as it flew past it. He turned the lights off again. 


          “Did they vanish all the animals as well?” Asked Teresa.


          “Yep,” Answered Lucy.


          “...And they created these new creatures?”


          “Yep.” Said Lucy, again.


          “...So, we were like a virus that needed to be eradicated?”


          “Fuckin A.” Answered Shelby.


          “How come, you survived Michael?...and the girls?”


          “I imagine they’re not perfect. A small percentage of people survived.” Replied Michael as he flicked on the lights just in time to see a large truck in the middle of the road. He drove to the left of it and turned off the lights.


          “...And I suppose the creatures are meant to kill us?” Asked Teresa.


          “I think they’re just the new breed. Some are pretty vicious, some like Pup here, are cute as pie.” Smiled Michael. Pup’s tails started to flicker when he heard his name. His butt started to lift and Shelby pushed it back down. “But, you’re right Teresa. This world is meant to kill us and should not be taken lightly. This world will change us, in fact, I think we need to change, or we won’t survive and as the being said, we won’t get a second chance.” Teresa looked out the window. Lucy was staring at Michael with almost fear on her face. Shelby was nodding in agreement. “I have a question for you and the girls.” Added Michael.


          “Hit me.” Replied Teresa, her leg shifting trying to get comfortable.


          “Can you remember anything, after you vanished? or in the girls case, were killed?” Michael looked up in the mirror at the girls.


          “I remember the pain.” Answered Shelby. “Thankfully it was quick. the way I went. But, I remember the horrible pain.”


          “Lucy?” Asked Michael.


          “Same, Dad, it hurt. I remember not being able to breathe. I remember your face.” Lucy’s face started to change.


          “That’s unlucky.” Remarked Shelby, she smirked, but no one smirked back.


          “You were so sad, Dad. I remember that, then nothing.”


           “Nothing for me either.” Confirmed Shelby.


           “...And me.” Added Teresa. Michael flicked on the lights. there was nothing in front. He turned them off again.


          “So, it seems there is no life after death.” He said, lost in thought.


          The car went silent. The car drove for a while in a straight line. Michael noticed a dark shape ahead and flicked on the lights thinking it was another car.  The lights came on to reveal a large monstrosity staring straight at the car. It looked almost asleep but once the lights came on, it bared its sharp teeth and let out a screaming roar. Pup came to life in the back seat and started barking. Teresa placed her hand on the dashboard bracing herself. Her mouth wide open. Michael screamed with the monster and tried to push his foot hard on the brake. His foot slipped off the side and accidently pushed into the accelerator speeding the car hard into the creature’s front. The monster flinched a little but did not move. It’s hard, tough hide easily stopping the car. It raised its front paw in response and smashed it into the bonnet.


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Author Biography


Andrew Masseurs is a creatively restless spirit. While spending over twenty years creating music, four albums and an ep, he found himself inexplicably focused on writing one day on holiday. The result, his first exciting novella, A Day in the Life Novella (A Day in the Life Series, Book One)  Relishing the experience Andrew is now getting the second book in the A Day in the Life series,  The Day After (A Day in the Life Series, Book Two) ready for release and is currently writing the third book in the series.


Andrew is a loving husband and father to four kids living in the beautiful country that is New Zealand


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 01

Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your new release with us!

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