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4.25 stars for The De Danann Legacy: An Elizabeth Marchand Novel by @DJBGriffin1 #fantasy

Title: The De Danann Legacy: An Elizabeth Marchand Novel

Author: D.J.B. Griffin

Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism

Book Blurb:

Elizabeth Marchand’s life took a dramatic turn when she received an ancient book and ring upon her grandmother’s passing and discovered her tie to the Dé Danann Legacy, a tradition of witchcraft that spanned the generations and awoke dormant abilities she had possessed since childhood. A divorced single mother with a precocious adolescent daughter, Elizabeth moves to the bucolic New England town of Camden Hills to teach part-time at the university and accept co-ownership in her uncle’s rare book shop to continue to hone her ancestral magic skills.

But as she learns more about her secret family history from her uncle, and discovers that her daughter is beginning to manifest special abilities of her own, a threat to Elizabeth’s new life looms on the horizon. A multinational corporation known as CGC has acquired an abandoned farm in Camden Hills and started clearing land with an aim to building a massive R & D plant that would not only damage the environment and change the peaceful character of Camden Hills, but destroy the fragile Spirit-of-Place that supports the magical energies of Elizabeth’s new home.

Joining with environmental activists and local witches, Elizabeth determines to use her newfound abilities to stop the industrialization of her town, but CGC has powerful resources, including a new police chief they’ve installed in Camden Hills, and she soon finds that she’s become a target of people who will stop at nothing in their pursuit of profit.

My Review:

The story of Elizabeth and her ring continues in this story. The reader learns more about the history of Elizabeth and the gift she now has. The action starts right from the get-go, to jolt the reader in one direction.

A wonderful aspect of the book is the connection that Elizabeth has with animals. That is the best part of the book for this reader. The connections are simply incredible and lend such a great naturistic feel to the story.

That the book starts with action but only has a tiny part of it devoted to action after is problematic. A reader totally captivated by magic history and the story of bloodlines will love this book. Someone looking to see a sense of justice or completion of storylines will be left hanging. Personally, one cannot have myriad people committing violent acts and felonies and nothing done in a concrete fashion is inexplicable. One wonders if this was simply accidentally left out of the book.

Recommended to fans of the first book. Recommended to fans of innocent Wiccan fiction. Recommended to fans of Earth conservation.

My Rating: 4.25 stars

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Author Biography:

D.J.B Griffin was raised in Massachusetts and moved to North Carolina in 1991. For 30 years, she has been a therapist, college professor, and yoga and meditation teacher. Outside of writing, her passions are gardening, yoga, and kayaking. She has one son and lives in Greensboro, with her husband, Simon.

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Twitter @DJBGriffin1

Reviewed by: Mr. N

1 Comment

Barbara Bettis
Jan 19, 2022

Learning one has a legacy such as this would be truly jolting! Sounds like Elizabeth has a challenging road ahead of her. All the best!

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