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5+ stars for The Forgotten Daughter by Bestseller @CaroWarfield #historicalromance #ku #bookreview

Title: The Forgotten Daughter (The Ashmead Heirs Book 3)

Author: Caroline Warfield

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

Fanny’s worthless father forgot her entirely. The earl’s steward plans to make it right; if only he can avoid falling in love with her while he does. Welcome to book 3 in the fabulous series The Ashmead Heirs by bestselling author Caroline Warfield! When the old Earl of Clarion leaves a will with bequests for all his children, legitimate and not, listing each and their mothers by name, he complicated the lives of many in the village of Ashmead and beyond. One of them was left out. She is the third of The Ashmead Heirs. Frances Hancock always knew she was a bastard. She didn’t know her father was an earl until her mother died. The information came just in time. She and her mother’s younger children were about to be homeless. She needs help. Fast. What she wants is a hero. Eli Benson, the Earl of Clarion’s steward, took great pride in cleaning up the mess left behind by the old earl’s will. When a dainty but ferocious young woman with the earl’s hair and eyes comes demanding help, his heart sinks. She isn’t in the will. She was forgotten entirely. And the estate is just getting its finances back in order. But he knows a moral obligation when he sees one. He may not be her idea of a hero, but people count on him to fix things. He’s good at it. Falling in love with her will only complicate things. Eli will solve her problems or die trying. It may come to that. Read Free in Kindle Unlimited! The Ashmead Heirs The Wayward Son The Defiant Daughter The Forgotten Daughter The Upright Son

My Review:

On the brink of desolation, Fanny seeks help from her real father, the Earl of Clarion, only to discover he forgot her in his will. Fanny was born on the wrong side of the blanket. She’s always known her birthright as a bastard but didn’t realize her father was an earl until after her mother died. With her unscrupulous stepfather also dead and leaving her destitute and in need of money to feed her younger siblings, she makes the journey to seek out the Earl of Clarion. She meets the earl’s steward, Eli, and he informs her the earl is dead and didn’t leave her anything. In fact, the earl listed all his other bastard children in his will but not her. The only thing in her favor is she has the earl’s hair color and eyes. Eli agrees to help her and accompanies her back home while waiting to hear from the current earl. Eli’s expertise is invaluable, but she can’t deny burgeoning feelings for him. Is he her hero in disguise or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

The Forgotten Daughter is a riveting historical romance I couldn’t put down. This book has all the elements I enjoy in a historical romance: a feisty yet down on her luck heroine, an unexpected hero, a love worth risking it all for, historical accuracy down to the last detail, and a few unsavory characters to defeat. The plot moves at a great pace with twists I didn’t anticipate. I connected with both Fanny and Eli right away. As a couple, they complement each other. Yes, it took them quite some time to get together but it just made the ending all the sweeter. The historical world-building was exquisite, and I didn’t want The Forgotten Daughter to end. Caroline Warfield is a brilliant historical romance author who takes pride in her research prowess. Her heart and soul are in between the pages of The Forgotten Daughter. If you love historical romance, pick up The Forgotten Daughter. Fans of historically accurate romances will simply adore The Forgotten Daughter. Another gem by Caroline Warfield and one I highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Traveler, poet, librarian, technology manager—award-winning and Amazon best-selling author Caroline Warfield has been many things (even a nun), but above all, she is a romantic. Having retired to the urban wilds of eastern Pennsylvania, she reckons she is on at least her third act, writing family-centered historical romance set mainly in the Regency and Victorian eras.

Caroline believes firmly that love is worth the risk; she sits in an office surrounded by windows and nudges readers to explore the riskiest territory of all, the human heart.

In addition to her weekly blog, But First Coffee, she hosts guests on her Highlighting Historical Romance series, and contributes to the SMPAuthors Blog, and (on a lighter note) The Teatime Tattler, a blog in the shape of a fictional nineteenth-century gossip rag.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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