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5 stars for The Killer Chorus by Jack Conlan #mystery #detectivemystery #newrelease #bookreview

Title: The Killer Chorus

Author: Jack Conlan

Genre: Mystery, Detective Mystery


Book Blurb:


In Nashville, the hits aren’t only on the country music charts.


When a country music legend is found murdered in her Nashville home, the cold-blooded killing rocks the town known as Music City U.S.A. To catch the murderer, Detective Jed Hatcher must first overcome his own demons. As the pressure mounts from outside and inside Metro Nashville Police Department, Hatcher doesn’t just have solve the brutal crime, he’ll also have to save his career.   


A tense, page-turner that keeps the reader in suspense until the end, The Killer Chorus follows Detective Hatcher’s search for the truth in the darkest corners of the Music City. As his own secrets threaten to unravel him, and his own police department tries to shut him down, Hatcher’s pursuit of the killer threatens to come with a deadly cost.


While justice never comes easy, for Jed Hatcher it has never come harder.


How far would you go to find the truth?


My Review:


I have read all the biggies in mystery writing: Agatha Christie, John Sanford, John Grisham. I have read modern superb detective series by Jo A. Hiestand and by Clabe Polk.  This book just feels like a Grisham. The pace and depth right from the start evokes similarities to Grisham.


An extremely well-written book that will transport the reader to the place being described. As you read this mystery, you become one with the city of Nashville. The intense descriptive nature of the authorship adds such depth to every scene. Here, world building is taken to a smaller degree. You get in-depth room building, street building, the interior of car building. You are part of the story within your mind. You cannot help but feel you have walked the streets in Tennessee after reading this book.


Fans of film noir will also clamor for this book. There is a certain Bogey and Bacall feel to Jed and Abs.  The pacing and unsettled nature of the mystery really brings a Big Sleep feel here. Classic mystery in every sense.


If you are a fan of the great mystery books from the last 100 odd years, then reward yourself with this book. You feel like you are sitting in an easy chair by a fire with your fave beverage as you read this. I would go far as to suggest this might read really, really well as a trade paperback. Feel free to indulge and get a physical copy of this. A true mystery fan will find that worth the expense.


A very strong debut novel for who will likely become one of popular cultures new fave detectives. Jed Hatcher is no super hero, just a good detective who can solve other people's problems, just not his own.  Simply can't wait for book two. This is an author worth watching for what is yet to come.


My Rating: 5 stars


Buy it Now:   


Coming soon to Amazon.


Author Biography:


I am a debut novelist. I based my characters on my experiences in real courtrooms. I hope you enjoy the read!


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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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