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5 stars for The King’s Marked (The Broken Kingdom Book 1) by @adams_terina #fantasy #fantasyromance

Title: The King’s Marked (The Broken Kingdom Book 1)

Author: Terina Adams

Genre: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

If I accept the wraith’s gift, I will lose the love of the prince. If I refuse, I will die... Ripped from my home, I’m forced into servitude at the king’s arena. A brutal place where men fight for the honor of joining the king’s army. A lowly peasant, I find few friends except the king’s second born, Cerac. He’s love slowly heals my heart.

But our secret affair attracts the cruelty of the crown prince. To torture his brother, I’m forced to complete a dangerous task in the dead forest. The realm of the powerful, violent wraiths. To survive my trial, I must accept the wraith’s deadly gift. If I accept, I will lose Cerac's love forever...

My Review:

You are drawn in by the evocative cover and the book never lets you go. Rya is a heroine that the world can embrace. This woman could be the leader of the world. She doesn't need more than six thrones, she has the power of a sword. A modern women - her companions vary from the boy next door to princes to dark creatures.

The King’s Marked flows with terrific detail. The reader is surrounded by the images created and feels transported to this land. A work filled with nonstop action and suspense. This book will appeal to every fan of the G of T but is worthy of its own place in entertainment history. A first book of what could be a bestselling series. A streaming service needs to get its hands on this. The King’s Marked could be a virtual water cooler show, talked about every week.

Action, suspense, romance, terror, magic, clashing swords, and locked lips. This book has everything the 21st-century reader is looking for. The world will be on edge waiting for book two.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

When I wasn’t riding a camel through the Rajasthani desert, white water rafting the rapids on the Zambezi, bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge or hiking the peeks in Pakistan, I was piloting a twin prop into remote aboriginal communities in northern Western Australia or staring down a microscope in a laboratory.

Now somewhat tamed, the microscope has morphed into a computer and I spend more time plotting dire situations for my protagonists than being in them myself.

I am the author of books that won’t stay normal.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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