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The Ladies of Karma – Book One a Place to Call Home is a BHW pick #womensfiction #humor #satire

Title The Ladies of Karma – Book One a Place to Call Home

Author Karina McRoberts

Genre Women’s Fiction, Humor, Satire

Publisher Rocanadon Books

Book Blurb

Look out Stephanie Plum, here come the Ladies of Karma!

We've all been there - sleezy bosses, bullying co-workers, shifty landlords, unjust bureaucrats...

Ever wanted to get some of your own back?

Strike a chord for justice and enjoy plenty of laughs along the way as you team up with the relentless Ladies of Karma!

Four women face homelessness and perpetual hardship in a hostile climate.

Living in an abandoned building, their combined ingenuity turns it into something very special indeed.

But greedy developers threaten their beloved Tarot Café, and it’s time to get tough. Working together, the try everything from boxing to elaborate spell casting learned from their respective ancestors. The ladies join forces with their knight protector, in the form of a cake-loving homeboy, along with a dog-whispering fire-fighter to thwart their enemy ̶ who turns out to be more vicious than they ever imagined. Will he destroy their last hope, or will he succumb to their macabre spells and devious machinations?


Ah, the bliss of imagination… Stuck in an inner city not-so-wonderful café, a young barista accorded hers full reign.

The scent of roasting newly-crushed coffee ̶ a delight from some Middle Eastern bazaar. Intricately-scrolled brass tables, fresh mint leaves spread out on blankets, if one preferred mint tea on this sun-soaked morning. All manner of spices in glorious colored profusion. Belled donkeys clattering by. A bright blue wall, graced with the intriguing wood and gold of a recessed door, the tinkling of a fountain ̶ promising a cool oasis within…

She'd brought her coffee nearly to the boil, the very fine grounds forming a kind of crunchy froth, then gently lowered the flame. The exquisite blue enamel pot swallowed the crust of grounds back down. Then, she let it rise once more. Slowly this time. Very gently. So as to result in a sweet delicate crunch.

And then…disaster.

Her reverie shattered into oblivion.

Right in the middle of this most imperative step, the fire-maned woman of twenty-four years was compelled to cease operations.

Oh no. Not again.

Yes. Again. And, this time…

It was she who simmered now. Having finally mastered the exact precision required to make the perfect cup of Turkish coffee ̶ he was back.

Now, instead of kasbah dreams and enchanting aromas, Erin McTay gagged on the over-powering scent of ghastly male cologne.

The hairs on her neck recoiled. Even though her back was turned, she knew. It was him. The slime ball grope-ologist from the netherworld.

Erin angrily whispered to herself, "That f’in creep!" but, had the presence of mind to turn off the gas.

Strange that. A moment of mindfulness ̶ because her mind had no relationship whatsoever with what she did next. Erin spun around abruptly and round-housed the invader.

He hit the floor.

And did…not…move.

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Author Biography

Multi-award-winning author Karina McRoberts us an avid writer in several genres. Her fiction is character rich and emotionally gorgeous; she aims to provide readers with escape, to the heights of their hearts and the depths of their souls.

Karina is also a musician, visual artist, theatre producer, and conservation biologist, who is working to convert degraded farmland back to native forest. Karina lives with her husband Bill and dog Tahshi near York, Western Australia.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
04 janv. 2023

Thank you, Karina, for sharing your new release with us!

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