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5 stars for The Ladies of Karma by Karina McRoberts #womensfiction #humor #satire #bookreview

Title: The Ladies of Karma – Book One a Place to Call Home

Author: Karina McRoberts

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Humor, Satire

Book Blurb:

Look Out Stephanie Plum, Here Come The Ladies of Karma!

Four women seek empowerment as they face homelessness and hardship in a hostile climate.

Living in an abandoned building, their combined ingenuity turns it into something very special indeed. But greedy developers threaten their beloved Tarot Café, and it’s time to get tough.

Kick-ass, feisty, smart, and determined, they try everything from boxing to elaborate spell casting learned from their respective ancestors. The ladies join forces with their knight protector, in the form of a cake-loving homeboy, along with a dog-whispering fire-fighter to thwart their enemy ̶ who turns out to be more vicious than they ever imagined.

Will he destroy their last hope, or will he succumb to their macabre spells and devious machinations?

Strike a chord for social justice and enjoy plenty of laughs along the way as you team up with the relentless Ladies of Karma!

My Review:

What I often imagine life in the big city might be like is found here. Having been small town and still small town, this was an eye opener for me.

Had to read/review this to help Kris. Kris was up to the neck with graphics so I said I could help. Things you do when you are in a ship :)

A story of a group of women who fight with life. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.

A story that is so well written, it makes you emotional. The ladies just won't quit and that is so inspiring.

What this book really reminds me of is the two years of the pandemic. Most of us young people had life turned upside down. I missed my whole senior year of high school at home. We all battled through challenges and made it back to life. This book reminded me of that challenge.

Anyone who battled and survived the pandemic will enjoy this book. People who like seeing people not give up will like this book. A pretty good book that I was happy to read. Buy this book and give this author a try!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Multi-award-winning author Karina McRoberts us an avid writer in several genres. Her fiction is character rich and emotionally gorgeous; she aims to provide readers with escape, to the heights of their hearts and the depths of their souls.

Karina is also a musician, visual artist, theatre producer, and conservation biologist, who is working to convert degraded farmland back to native forest. Karina lives with her husband Bill and dog Tahshi near York, Western Australia.

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Reviewed by: Rudy


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