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5 stars for The Lightning Knight (The Knights of Nine Book 1) by @StayAtHomeSean #fantasy #bookish

Title: The Lightning Knight (The Knights of Nine Book 1)

Author: Sean P. Valiente

Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Magic isn’t real. Not anymore and not like it used to be. Or so I thought…

16-year-old Oliver Quartermain doesn’t believe in magic anymore. But who cares? He has it all: he comes from a rich and noble family and doesn’t have a care in the world. But how quickly that can all change.

In the space of a few moments, Oliver’s life is turned upside down when he is tasked with protecting and saving the very magic he never believed in. But that’s not even the half of it. The only way to save magic is by training a young boy named Po Pondarion, who is destined to save the world.

Not only does Oliver have to train the young and totally clueless Po, but he also has to battle an evil secret organization bent on destroying them, all while deciphering the secrets of a Magical Codex. Oliver enlists the help of his unlikely best friends, Roc and Yokel, as well as the Knight Angels, secretive vigilantes he’s only recently met, to help him train Po and save the world. That should be simple, right?

Will this merry band of misfits be able to train the young Po in time for him to learn the secrets of magic and save its very existence forever?

The Lightning Knight is a gripping epic fantasy that will have you on the edge of your seat, eagerly flipping to the next page. Let yourself become emersed in this rich and magical world and join Oliver and Po on the adventure of a lifetime.

My Review:

Truly a super read for every fan of a magician named Harry. Oliver is everything a reader wants in a hero - 16, rich, smart and driven. Tasked to achieve the simple goal of saving the world… how could any 16-year-old say no? The author takes the reader on a roller coaster ride. There are thrills and chills, excitement and seemingly disappointments but never give up! Oliver never gives up!

Sticking with The Lightning Knight will reward the reader. There is even a Draco-eque persona that will appeal to all the fans of HP! Well written and engaging. The reader is easily drawn into this world. The book flows and moves and often has the reader on the edge of a seat. Join Oliver and yes, join Po and see how much excitement can come from just saving the world and .... magic.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Sean P. Valiente is the author of The Knights of Nine series. Born in New York City and raised in Maine, he's been a lifelong fan of all things nerd (LotR, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.) but it wasn't until he went to college to be an accountant that he started to dream up his exciting world.

He loves all things pop-culture, sports, business, politics, and technology. He hates spelling. You can find him playing basketball, annoying his friends with ideas for his book, or hanging out with his wife and puppy.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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