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5 stars for The Lonely Defender of Flayne by @Dartpopowich #fantasy #kidlit #mglit #bookreview

Title: The Lonely Defender of Flayne

Author: D. Art Popowich

Genre: Juvenile Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Adventure

Book Blurb:

A mysterious island. A father's neglect. Thomas and his imaginary friend escape to the strange world of Flayne, but when danger threatens both worlds, Thomas must team up with the very action figure his toymaker father cast him aside to build.

My Review:

Too often kids in this day and age aren't able to exercise their imagination the way it used to be. This book is a fantastic example of the wonder of imagination. Thomas is a boy who has issues in his life. Likely every child has issues of some kind in their life. He finds escape and some consolation in his incredible imagination.

There are issues in Thomas's life that carry on through to the end of the book. Those should be overlooked by the reader. The key is to concentrate on the world of imagination. Let this be a guide to a young reader. You can create worlds in your mind that will ease your dealing with life around you. If you are really creative, you can make worlds full of pleasure and fun. Thomas seems to have difficulty leaving the negative out of his imagination but that should inspire others to imagine a positive world.

The book is capably written and tells the story in a readable fashion. The gift of the writer comes from the amazing invention of the world within a world. The reader gets caught up in wondering what will come next. My personal favourite part was the race between the giant cat and the flying fish.

A book to inspire the imagination in all who want to read this.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

I have published my first novel and invite you to take a journey in my imagination.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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