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5+ stars for The Perfect Match by Jennifer Wilck #bookreview #newadult #romance #Jewishromance #booksworthreading

Title: The Perfect Match

Author: Jennifer Wilck

Genre: New adult, contemporary Jewish romance


Book Blurb:


Falling for a busy law student is the last thing Aviva wants. Will her refusal to settle force her to lose the man of her dreams?


Aviva Shulman has had enough of the dating scene. High-powered financiers with grueling hours are more interested in earning their bonuses than her love. She wants something more, someone who values her. But her roommates are determined to find her the perfect-on-paper match.


Jacob Black has no time for relationships. A third-year law student, he's focused on succeeding so he can get his dream job at a top-notch law firm. But his overbearing mother wants him to find someone and settle down. 


After making their escape from a speed dating event neither one wanted to attend, Jacob and Aviva are thrown together, and suddenly, making time for a relationship seems possible. But is five minutes long enough to determine a future together?


The Perfect Match is the first book in this new-adult contemporary romance, with a meet-cute you won’t want to miss, chemistry that will leave you aching for more, and a Jewish mother who will have you laughing at her chutzpah.


Buy The Perfect Match and find out exactly how long it takes to fall in love.


Book 1: The Perfect Match

Book 2: The Perfect Secret

Book 3: The Perfect Deception


My Review:


If I were to request the perfect romance story for the twenty-first century I’d like to see: two young professionals doing their best to make time for romance and satisfy the demands of their careers.


And it would be great if they were Jewish.


Too bad no one’s written…


Wait. Jennifer Wilck has. The Perfect Match is exactly that—with one of the most imaginative meet-cutes I’ve ever read.


Aviva and Jacob are escapees of a speed-dating event. Both pressured by their friends to attend, they find themselves at the same table. That’s when they break free. Presumably not to see each other again.


Their story might have ended there if they hadn’t accidentally—or rather serendipitously—bumped into each other at a public event.


Jacob is finishing law school, plans to take the bar exam, and has a position lined up at a high-powered law firm. Subtext: the man will literally live in the office for a few years.


Aviva works for an event planner and her job requires long hours as well. But she worries that his working habits will mirror her father’s, whose long hours at the law firm leave no time for family.


The families of both are secondary, but vital, characters to their story. The family bonds keep them grounded.


I love the way Aviva and Jacob live their Jewish faith, making time for Shabbat. Aviva lights the candles with her mother over the phone, keeping the tradition and faith alive.


Wilck has created characters I fell in love with. Realistic and quirky. And sometimes stubborn. Jacob’s mom, Karen, takes center stage in all of her scenes. While sometimes she comes off as pushy, her love for her son shines through, thanks to Wilck’s expert writing.


The Perfect Match is well-crafted with characters you’re sure to fall in love with. I know I did. This story has all the ups and downs of real life, but with a happily-ever-after worthy of fairy tales. The Perfect Match is The Perfect Romance Novel for our times.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Jennifer Wilck is an award-winning contemporary romance author for readers who are passionate about love, laughter, and happily ever after. Known for writing both Jewish and non-Jewish romances, her books feature damaged heroes, sassy and independent heroines, witty banter and hot chemistry. Jennifer’s ability to transport the reader into the scene, create characters the reader will fall in love with, and evoke a roller coaster of emotions, will hook you from the first page. You can find her books at all major online retailers in a variety of formats.


Jennifer started telling herself stories as a little girl when she couldn’t fall asleep at night. Pretty soon, her head was filled with these stories and the characters that populated them. Even as an adult, she thinks about the characters and stories at night before she falls asleep or walking the dog. Eventually, she started writing them down. Her favorite stories to write are those with smart, sassy, independent heroines; handsome, strong and slightly vulnerable heroes; and her stories always end with happily ever after.


In the real world, she’s the mother of two amazing daughters and wife of one of the smartest men she knows. She believes humor is the only way to get through the day and does not believe in sharing her chocolate.


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Reviewed by: Terry


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