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5 stars for The Pirate Duchess by Rue Allyn #historicalromance #regency #bookreview

Title: The Pirate Duchess: A Regency Era Historical Enemies to Lovers Regency Era Pirate Romance (Duchess Series Book 2)

Author: Rue Allyn

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Blurb:

They Meet During a Brawl

Esmeralda Crobbin first encounters Brandon Gilroy during a brawl. Once their opponents are vanquished, she admires the man’s skill with his fists, his intelligence, and a number of other attributes until she learns that he is a British Naval Officer. He would be eager to see her hang, if he knew she was the American privateer, Irish Red.

My Review:

A magnificent adventure that just was a thrill to read. I’ve always enjoyed old movies and those helped me get this job! This is my first review so be kind.

Irish Red is such a great character and one I simply loved right away. The action and the high seas adventure is so well written.

Brandon is a complex character and one you can't help cheering for. He is a combo Errol Flynn and Laurence Olivier in my view. A larger-than-life figure who blazes a trail through the world.

Set in the time frame from the War of 1812 into the period right after, this book is historical but inviting.

I have never been a huge history fan in school but a well written story that flows like this makes me a fan. The author is gifted and has penned a great read.

There are many books that this author has written and this is my first of hers I have read. I loved this book, and you will too! If you love this author, then buy this book. If you love adventure, action, and romance, buy this book.

I'm told this is past the deadline for this year's awards but I will make sure it is on the top of the list for 2023. For my first review, this book was fantastic. Just get this book and enjoy a really enjoyable read. You won't regret reading this, I highly suggest you get it!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Award winning romance author, Rue Allyn has a life long passion for happy ever after. She lives south of the border with her husband of more than forty years and their cat, Tonto. She has two sons and is a proud veteran of the US Navy. She writes heart melting romance in all sub-genres, but her favorite is historical romance, especially medieval.

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Reviewed by: Rudy


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