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5 stars for The Rainbow Weaver's Apprentice by @Calcifer123 #middlegrade #fantasy #mglit #bookreview

Title: The Rainbow Weaver's Apprentice (The Fairy Tunnels Book 1)

Author: Elena Jagar

Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy, Middle Grade

Book Blurb:

"Outstanding story. I would have a book talk on it and use it for a book club." ~ Penny Esterly A magic apprentice. A bad decision. A perilous quest.

Being the Rainbow Weaver’s apprentice is everything Addie’s ever wished for. Well, except for the chores. When she is reckless with her duties, Addie’s whole village is enveloped in a strange fog spreading from the mysterious Fairy Tunnel that separates her village from the others. People are falling ill and it’s all Addie’s fault. To fix what she’s done, she must go on a dangerous journey through the Fairy Tunnel and find the healing magic that will save her people. But to enter the Tunnel is to risk becoming prisoner of the fairies... forever. The Rainbow Weaver’s Apprentice will thrill middle-grade readers with danger, magic, and adventure at every turn of the page.

My Review:

A magical apprentice shirks her duties, and the consequences are devastating if she fails. Addie loves being an apprentice, well, maybe love is too strong of a word. She enjoys the magic part of being a rainbow weaver’s apprentice, but the chores and duties can get too much to remember at times. When the rainbow weaver is away visiting another village, she leaves Addie in charge. A friend pops by and distracts Addie from her chores. One thing leads to another and before Addie knows what happened, her whole village is cloaked in fog. Worse yet, villagers are getting sick. Addie panics because she knows it’s all her fault. She needs to fix this before things get worse. She ventures on a treacherous journey into the Fairy Tunnel to retrieve the healing magic she needs to save her village. She risks her very life, but will she make it or will she be forever trapped in the Tunnel?

The Rainbow Weaver's Apprentice is a delightful middle-grade fantasy adventure from start to finish. Addie is a likable character and one most kids will relate to. I connected with Addie right from the start and stuck with her until the very end. The descriptive narration was colorful, expressive, and detailed. I got pulled into the story and it made for excellent reading. The plot moved at a great pace with a fair bit of adventure and mystery which propelled the story. The writing is superb with a kid-friendly plot, a full cast of characters, and a few twists I didn’t anticipate. The Rainbow Weaver's Apprentice is an adventure filled with magic, intrigue, and a positive message. I’d also like to add the age group for this story is seven to twelve and it’s parental-approved. Brilliant from start to finish, The Rainbow Weaver's Apprentice needs to be read by children everywhere. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Elena is the author of children's books as well as short stories and cozy mysteries. Her writing spans several genres, and she believes that each book is a new experience that brings its own surprises and challenges with it. She believes a good story is made up of great characters, ones that are relatable and interesting enough to stay with the reader long after the book is closed.

She hopes her young readers come away from her books feeling that nothing is impossible and that, no matter how difficult the situation, a way through can always be found. When she's not writing stories for children, Elena enjoys horseback riding, tai chi, smelling the flowers, and petting bumblebees.

Currently living overseas teaching English, Elena looks forward to having a garden and a menagerie of pets when she finally settles down in one place.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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