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The Runaway Witch's Kiss by @jackiebrown20 is a Celebrate Mothers Event pick #pnr #romance #giveaway

Title: The Runaway Witch's Kiss (Spellbound Underground Book 1)

Author: Tamela Miles

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

He’s sworn to protect her, but not to touch her.

With danger coming for them, can he keep his promises, especially the hands off one?

Nahla Gregory is a witch on the run from a bad domestic situation. Tomas Castillo, a warlock, has a prepared safe haven for her, while dealing with his own problem, his neutered magickal powers. He’s sworn to protect her and to keep his hands off her, but Nahla is downright tempting. Danger is coming for them and combining their powers may be the only way to survive the storm.

Can Tomas keep Nahla safe, as promised, while she helps him rediscover his long forgotten magick?


“You don’t have to pay my way. I’m just a little low on cash, not destitute.”

Sliding his hand around her arm, he helped her stand. He spoke close to her ear. “You’re my ward and I’m sworn to take care of you. I won’t let you down.”

A shiver of delight tingled her spine at his low spoken words. She quickly dismissed it. He was a beautiful man to look at with that dark hair falling carelessly into his eyes, two dark brown pools of raw expression. He was attractive – end of story. Later, they pulled up in front of a little white cottage in Tomas’ car. Nahla enjoyed every moment of the ride there, paying close attention to the quiet beauty of every building they had passed traveling through the town. He flipped off his seatbelt. “Her name is Hilda and she’s very friendly. She’ll be thrilled to help you.” She frowned in confusion. “Help me?” Tomas grinned. “She reads tarot cards.” Nahla snorted. “I’m sure this will be the darkest reading she’s ever given.” He stepped out of the car and came around to her side, opening the door. “Fun, remember?” The front door opened to reveal an elderly woman in a black dress, her silver hair pinned up in an elegant bun. She welcomed them inside with a smile. “Hello. I’m Hilda. And who are you, dear?” Nahla shook her hand. “I’m Nahla Gregory. It’s nice to meet you.” Hilda nodded, turning to Tomas. “Is she one of yours?” “Yes, she’s my new ward. We just came for a tarot reading.” “The baby’s just fine.” Hilda’s eyes gleamed with mischief. Nahla’s laugh tinkled, feeling the weight of her problems lift a bit. She immediately liked the older woman. They followed her from the front room to another room in the rear of the small house. A deck of tarot cards was set on a small wood table with a few matching chairs around it. They all sat down, with Nahla directly across from the elderly woman. “Tap the card deck with your fingertips, dear.” Nahla lightly stroked the cards and Hilda began spreading them out. She frowned deeply for a moment as she turned one card over. By the second card, Nahla’s heart began to sink. “How bad is it?” she asked nervously. Hilda harrumphed. “Bad. That dark cloud following you is pervasive. Evil always is.” She turned over the third card and her face brightened. “However, the universe always finds a way to bless the strong. Your inner strength will guide and sustain you, Nahla. And, you’re not alone. This is Tomas’ fight, too.” He raised his eyebrows. “My fight?” The older woman patted his hand. “It will soon make sense. Let’s continue.” Later on the drive back to the inn, Nahla mulled over Hilda’s words. The doom and gloom with a positive outcome was expected but Tomas’ involvement in her situation was definitely not. This was her fight and she didn’t expect him to be a part of her madness. She was his ward and nothing else. But…what if?

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

I was inspired to write this book by a colorfully powerful image of a beautiful, brown skin witch I found on the internet, during Halloween. She was busy, cooking up some serious magick.

Giveaway –

Enter to win a $25 Amazon US or Amazon Canada gift card

Open Internationally. You must have an active Amazon US or CA account to win.

Runs May 5 – May 13, 2022.

Winner will be drawn on May 14, 2022.

Author Biography:

Tamela Miles is a school psychologist with Ed.S degree and a graduate of California State University San Bernardino and California State University Dominguez Hills. She is also a former flight attendant. She grew up in Altadena, California in that tumultuous time known as the 1980s. She now resides with her family in the Inland Empire, CA. She's a horror/paranormal romance writer mainly because it feels so good having her characters do bad things and, later, pondering what makes them so bad and why they can never seem to change their wicked ways.

She enjoys emails from people who like her work. In fact, she loves emails. She can be contacted at or her Facebook page, Tamela Miles Books. She also welcomes reader reviews and enjoys the feedback from people who love to read as much as she does.

Enjoy life on the run with plenty of romance and steam in the novella, "Maraschino Marriage Pact", featuring fiery but skittish witch, Mikayla and frustrated warlock, Austin. The story is from Ms. Miles and The Wild Rose Press and is part of the One Scoop or Two series.

It's "hands off" for Tomas and Nahla, while she's his witch ward in danger, but the steam between them makes that vow difficult to keep in novella "The Runaway Witch's Kiss". The story is from Ms. Miles and Satin Romance (a Melange Books imprint). This is Book #1 in the Spellbound Underground series.

"Crimson", which features Ash and Delilah from her first horror/paranormal anthology "Rock Paper Scissors", is available from Ms. Miles and Satin Romance, imprint of Melange Books. The last thing vampire Ash needs is a budding, but simmering attraction to Delilah, the little mouse in big trouble. "Crimson" is the prequel to the new Spellbound Underground series. The author recommends that you read it prior to starting the Spellbound Underground series. It's more fun that way! : )

"Cushion", a spooky and steamy paranormal romance novella, is now available from Ms. Miles and The Wild Rose Press. Love a good book soundtrack? Please feel free to check out the author's soundtrack playlist for Cushion on

She has a short novella 3 story series with The Wild Rose Press, entitled the Hell On Heels Series. #1 of the series, entitled "Heart of a Hunter", is now available. #2 of the series, "Dark Deliverance" is also now available. #3 of the series, "Hell Hath No Fury", is also now available. For those who are excited about it (yippee!), please feel free to check out the author's soundtrack playlist for Hell On Heels on, listed as Hell On Heels: Songs from the Edge by Tamela Miles.

A 2nd edition compilation of all of her short stories, entitled "Rock Paper Scissors", which includes some new content with the horror/paranormal romance stories is now available.

"Sleeping Beauties", her first short novella which introduces the beautiful ladies of The Trifecta trapped in a nightmarish landscape, is now available.

"Hellbound", which is the high octane and deeply devilish love story of Kian and Sanaa, is now available. Kian struggles in search of faith and redemption after one foolish, childhood action makes him a condemned dead man walking.

Photo Credit: Nichanh Nicole Photography, Torrance, CA

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On Twitter as @jackiebrown20

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 07, 2022

Thank you, Tamela, for sharing your book in our Celebrate Mothers Bookish Event!

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