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5 stars for The Seven Hungers: Dark Whispers (book 4) by Morgan Quaid #uf #horror #bookreview

Title: The Seven Hungers: Dark Whispers (book 4)

Author: Morgan Quaid

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Horror

Book Blurb:

Forced to flee to the First Hunger and escape the wrath of the Crown and their new, deranged leader, Drake and his companions soon find themselves caught up in a civil war which threatens to tear the cosmos apart. A new enemy, one of the elder gods, has risen from obscurity, aligning herself with Chaos itself in a bid to topple the existing hierarchy and reshape the multiverse to her own designs.

Book 4 of The Seven Hungers series places Drake in a new kind of peril, forcing him to battle not only his own inner demons, but the malevolent force of Chaos itself. The fulfilment of prophecy hangs in the balance as does the fate of humankind and every citizen of the Hungers.

My Review:

Ok, Teddy is back but will be good and use mature words in my reviews.

I had to beg to read this book as I am addicted to Devil Survivor on Nintendo. If you had the chance to play Devil Survivor, you will want to read this book. There were many levels to Devil Survivor and there are many levels in this great book.

This book takes you in like you are playing a game on your system. Ambrose is the character you want to be in this book. The level of description was excellent. The action and demon fights made this a super read. The ending of this book leaves you wanting more.

A great book that will be loved by those who have had the luck to read the other Seven Hunger books. Having read this one, I want to read them all. I can't recommend this enough to anyone who loves this author or anyone who loves demon possession fiction.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Morgan Quaid is a writer of speculative fiction, specializing in comics, graphic novels, short stories and fast-paced, first person novels. Quaid’s writing tends to blend concision and fast-moving plots with epic sci-fi/fantasy themes, creating stories that often have more in common with film rather than traditional novels.

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Reviewed by: Teddy


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