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5+ stars for The Stillness Before the Start by @JenniferAShore #yalit #romance #bookreview

Title: The Stillness Before the Start

Author: Jennifer Ann Shore

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Book Blurb:

I’m Harper Reed. The valedictorian. The scholarship kid. The girl next door. The obsessive planner.

I have big dreams and secrets, but against my better judgment, Dylan Archer is the one I confide in.

He’s the rich kid with the world at his fingertips. The sworn enemy of my best friend. The one who hides behind an arrogant smirk. The track star who wants to run away from reality.

We’re not in the same social circles or even capable of being friends, but when he asks for my help, I agree without considering the consequences. It’s a reckless decision that has the potential to start something neither one of us can stop.

My Review:

Harper Reed has her senior year all planned out. That is, until her best friend James' arch rival, Dylan Archer, asks for her help in AP English. Harper's convinced Dylan is trapping her in some high school prank so she's cautious. Is he using her to get back at James or is she reading too much into it? She agrees to tutor Dylan with unexpected consequences. She opens herself up to new feelings, new experiences and a whole new Harper. Can she reconcile her past with James and embrace today with Dylan or will it all come crashing down?

The Stillness Before the Start is a breathtaking YA novel I couldn't stop reading. I connected with the characters right away, especially Harper. There's such authenticity to the characters, especially Harper's thoughts and feelings. Jennifer Ann Shore takes on the moody, mysterious teenaged boy (Dylan) and captures him perfectly. The plot moves at just the right pace, with intricate descriptive narration. For a long time, I didn't understand the title's significance, but when it was revealed, I appreciated the poetic explanation. If you're a fan of young adult, you'll love The Stillness Before the Start. If you want to relive your senior year in high school, you'll be captivated by this story. A brilliant modern coming of age story, The Stillness Before the Start is a must-read. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Jennifer Ann Shore is a writer and an Amazon bestselling author based in Seattle, Washington.

She has written multiple fiction novels, including "New Wave," a young adult dystopian, and "The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy," a young adult romance.

In her decade of working in journalism, marketing, and book publishing, she has won numerous awards for her work from companies such as Hearst and SIIA.

Be sure to visit her website ( and follow her on Twitter (@JenniferAShore), Instagram (@shorely) or your preferred social media channel to stay in touch.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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