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5+ stars for The Super Twins by Bestseller @AndySlingerUK #mglit #middlegrade #adventure #bookreview

Title: The Super Twins

Author: Andy Slinger

Genre: Middle-Grade Adventure

Book Blurb:

Why have one superhero when you can have two?

Ryan and Jake suffer a heart-breaking tragedy, their world is falling apart at the seams. One disaster leads to another until a freak incident transforms them beyond their wildest imagination, giving the identical twins incredible Superpowers.

But this isn't the only change in the sleepy town of Trincaster, a series of crimes leave the local police baffled. Can the vegetable hating duo discover who the mysterious villain behind the incidents is and defeat them in the ultimate battle?

The Super Twins is the debut novel in the soon to be expanded series. If you like, action-packed fight scenes, side-splitting humour, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you'll love Andy Slinger's hilariously entertaining first installment.

My Review:

After the death of their mother, identical twins Jake and Ryan must leave everything behind and go live with their strict father. Beyond devastated, they cling to each other. Neither Jake nor Ryan imagines their lives being anything but boring and dull. That is, until a freak accident makes them superheroes. Armed with their superpowers, they discover an evil entity has moved into their sleepy small town. It's up to the super twins to stop the crime wave before it's too late.

The Super Twins is an action-packed witty adventure story anyone would love. Jake and Ryan are realistic characters and easily relatable. The witty dialogue helps propel the plot while dispelling the action scenes. In the classic superhero genre, The Super Twins matches up with legends and DC greats. The characterizations of the twins are well-written with just enough conflict to appeal to the masses. A quick read, The Super Twins is a must-read. I can't wait for the next installment. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Andy Slinger (1983-present) was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK and grew up living in various different places including Germany before returning to Clitheroe to settle down. After gaining a Bachelors degree in Media Production in 2004 he forged a highly successful career in Retail Management before he launched his foray into Children's books. Andy writes in a humorous, fun and exciting style, whilst addressing hard hitting topics in his books. His first book The Super Twins was released on 4th September and has already become an Amazon best-seller.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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