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5+ stars for The Surge by Monica Abbott #christianscifi #scifithriller #bookreview

Title: The Surge

Author: Monica Abbott

Genre: Christian Sci-fi Thriller

Book Blurb:

Human enhancement through DNA rewriting – quantum leap or Pandora’s Box? You decide.

The Surge is a fast-paced, Christian sci-fi thriller that takes you on an adventurous ride into the world of deep underground scientific experiments culminating in the development of super-soldiers, an orchestrated EMP event, the emergence of gray aliens, and the rewriting of human DNA.

Our reluctant hero, Rayner, loves the Almighty, loves his kids, and still loves his estranged wife. Just not his mother-in-law! But The Surge is turning humans into A.I. hybrids, and with only twenty-four hours to reverse it, Rayner and his sidekick cousin have no time for meddling relatives, attacks from super-soldiers, interference by aliens, or the threat of a looming deadly disease. They team up with an offbeat group of “professionals” to fight off the aliens and super soldiers as they race against the clock to save Rayner’s kids and others from the shocking aftereffects of the EMP anomaly and the godless, anti-human forces behind it.

The dialogue is crisp; the ticking clock is imminent. The backdrop setting of Sedona, AZ vortexes gives visual richness to the story while exploring the unseen science of magnetic anomalies.

A unique blend of science and faith, futuristic scenarios and ancient history, The Surge, celebrates the innate beauty of being simply human and valuing life, freedom of choice, and human compassion. It’s a story for the whole family, the faithful, and those considering faith.

My Review:

This review took longer than I had planned because I had to read this book twice. This book was so good that when I finished, I read it again. The pace of the book so reminds me of a great video game. Right from the first page the reader gets grabbed and is caught up in the story. This writing is intense!

The characters are so much fun, even the bad guys are fun to read. Not gonna give anything away but wow, the battle scenes are out of this world. Reading them feels like you are on a roller coaster ride at full speed.

I don't beat the drum for books much but this one should win an award. A truly well written piece that will appeal to everyone. Anyone who wants to read a great sci-fi thriller will love this one. There is even a spiritual part that doesn't take over the plot but adds depth. A truly award deserving sci-fi thriller that should be streamed not to mention a bestseller!

My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy it Now:

On sale for 99 cents!

Author Biography:

Monica Abbott has been writing fiction in both screenplay and novel formats since 2010 when she and her husband became empty nesters and moved to Europe. Living in Germany for four years provided time and inspiration to write.

Monica enjoys research and travel, particularly as it relates to subjects and characters that she develops in her stories. Her faith in God and love of family are recurring themes that are woven in to give audiences and readers that aha moment of personal connection and revelation.

Home is a relative term to Monica and her husband of forty-one years. They’ve been accused of moving a lot. They do put their wanderlust to good use to visit their five children and eight grandchildren in the states of Nevada, Utah, and Georgia.

While there are many verses that are highlighted in Monica’s beloved, worn and tattered Bible from the 1970’s, there is one verse that over the years has become her favorite: “Now glory be to God, who by His mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of – infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes.” Ephesians 3:20 (TLB)

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Reviewed by: Tiger


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