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The Surge by Monica Abbott is a Super Sale Event pick #99cents #99c #scifithriller #giveaway

Title: The Surge

Author: Monica Abbott

Genre: Christian Sci-fi Thriller

Book Blurb:

Human enhancement through DNA rewriting – quantum leap or Pandora’s Box? You decide.

The Surge is a fast-paced, Christian sci-fi thriller that takes you on an adventurous ride into the world of deep underground scientific experiments culminating in the development of super-soldiers, an orchestrated EMP event, the emergence of gray aliens, and the rewriting of human DNA.

Our reluctant hero, Rayner, loves the Almighty, loves his kids, and still loves his estranged wife. Just not his mother-in-law! But The Surge is turning humans into A.I. hybrids, and with only twenty-four hours to reverse it, Rayner and his sidekick cousin have no time for meddling relatives, attacks from super-soldiers, interference by aliens, or the threat of a looming deadly disease. They team up with an offbeat group of “professionals” to fight off the aliens and super soldiers as they race against the clock to save Rayner’s kids and others from the shocking aftereffects of the EMP anomaly and the godless, anti-human forces behind it.

The dialogue is crisp; the ticking clock is imminent. The backdrop setting of Sedona, AZ vortexes gives visual richness to the story while exploring the unseen science of magnetic anomalies.

A unique blend of science and faith, futuristic scenarios and ancient history, The Surge, celebrates the innate beauty of being simply human and valuing life, freedom of choice, and human compassion. It’s a story for the whole family, the faithful, and those considering faith.


… the Triuruk Sciences complex, a collection of modern buildings surrounding an impressive high-rise dedicated to science and research. Inside, down a dark hallway, low tones came from behind a closed door with a faint ribbon of light at the bottom. Lettering on the door read: ‘Triuruk Sciences, Head of Research, James Meisner.’

Jim Meisner was thirty-six years old, bald, and brilliant. At the moment, he was both agitated and excited as he paced back and forth. His tone, however, was hushed as he talked on the phone, “Here’s why the lab coats are uber-joyed… the Surge activated D-11.”

“D-11?” It was Gideon on the other end of the line.

Jim continued, “Sure, you remember… back in 1984, they slipped it in every blood and plasma transfusion, every vaccine… as a ‘stabilizer.’”

“Oh right, I do remember,” Gideon realized.

“You know, Marino the Dark’s father spearheaded that effort.”

Gideon muttered under his breath, “Figures that there would be an old man dirtbag too.” His brow furrowed as he asked, “But didn’t they stop using D-11? I thought they determined it was ineffective.”

“The official statement put out said – ‘ineffective at this time.’” The disdain in Jim’s voice was obvious.

Gideon’s eyebrows twitched up as he remembered his friend’s knack for reading between the lines. “So… it’s still there, and now it’s activated,” he concluded.

“Exactly! A nifty, little nanobot that is rewriting DNA code as we speak. A little ‘slicing and dicing’ and voila – you’ve got yourself a triple helix DNA!

Gideon gasped, “Dear God! That means….”

“It could mean a lot of things,” Jim continued, “disease eradication, longer life –"

Gideon cut in. “Or open up a Pandora’s Box of completely new problems!” he exclaimed.

“You got it, good friend. And here’s the kicker… the rewriting is complete in twenty-four hours!”

Gideon couldn’t believe it. “No! Seriously?!”

At this point, Rayner, hearing his cousin’s reaction looked over at him, concerned. Gideon didn’t notice and remained engrossed in the conversation.

Jim added, “So let them try to call NOVACC and Dr. S. conspiracy theorists now.”

“What’s NOVACC? And who’s Dr. S?”

“It’s that vaccine truther group,” explained Jim, “Dr. S. runs it – good lady.” He paused, his voice serious, “Gideon, are you a man of faith?”

Gideon squirmed at the question. “Yeah… it needs some updating though.”

“Then do it!” Jim insisted. “If the Almighty wanted us to have three strands of DNA, He would have given them to us.”

Gideon speculated, “Makes you wonder if the other guy… the ‘Almighty-wannabe’ is behind the push to have three.”

“Call me crazy, but I think he is,” Jim responded. He took a deep breath. “Well, consider me off the grid after this. I know too much.”

“Take care, Jim – I mean it,” Gideon worried.

Jim remembered, “Oh! One more thing – energy vortexes are a crucial key to –” He stopped abruptly. “Hey! How’d you get in here?!”

“Jim?” Gideon frowned. “Jim, are you oka –”

A shot rang out. “Ughhh!” groaned Jim. A thud followed, then the line went dead.

Gideon held the phone out in front of him, his eyes riveted on the screen. He was too dumbfounded to speak.

Rayner reminded him, “Don’t forget, tell him we saw aliens again… like when we were kids.”

No answer. Rayner looked up to see Gideon’s stunned face. He asked, “What gives G-rad?”

Gideon’s voice was grim, “They shot him – the lab coats shot him.”


Later, at the front entrance of the Triuruk Sciences high-rise, flashing emergency lights streaked across the faces of Rayner and Gideon as they waited for Jim’s body to be brought out. As the covered stretcher appeared, Gideon’s eyes followed it, his face tight, his jaw clenched. The EMT’s hoisted the stretcher into the ambulance and shut the door.

A detective came up to Gideon and handed him his card. “Here’s my number,” he said. “Unless something else turns up – we see it as a robbery gone bad.”

Gideon reacted, but Rayner put a hand on his shoulder and gave him an it’s-not-worth-it shake of his head. Rayner steered him to his truck.

Driving back, Rayner leaned on the door while driving with one arm. Gideon sat slumped and tired in the passenger seat. Some time passed before either of them spoke.

Rayner broke the silence, “Your mom still visiting my parents?”


“Why don’t I give them a call?” Rayner offered.

“Kinda late isn’t it?” Gideon’s voice was flat.

Rayner reached for his phone and swiped it. “Nah. It’s morning; they’ll be up.” He hit speakerphone, and they listened to the ringing.

Rayner spoke into the phone, “Hi Dad – Mom. Hi Aunt Jenny. Rayner and Gideon here, checking if everyone’s okay. Love you – bye.” He looked over at Gideon. “That was different… a wireless communication project?”

Gideon shrugged. He rolled his window down and surveyed the waning night sky. In spite of the Surge, in spite of a DNA-rewriting nanobot, in spite of Jim’s murder – the night was slowly giving way to dawn. The sun would rise.

Gideon remembered Jim’s comment about the Almighty. Still gazing out at the sky, he wondered out loud, “You think He made a mistake? I mean our DNA, the way we are – or does He even care?”

A pause as Rayner lowered his gaze, contemplating his answer. “Look, I’m on record for saying life isn’t fair,” he replied. “But I look at my kids… they drive me crazy, but I love them, you kno –” His voice caught. Another pause as he scanned the changing sky, then continued, “I love them just the way they are. I kinda think that’s the way He designed it. Not perfect, just… real.”

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If you love thrilling speculative adventures, supernatural suspense, and the exploration of science and faith in well-crafted harmony, then get your copy of The Surge now!

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Runs September 26 – October 2, 2023.

Winner will be drawn on October 3, 2023.

Author Biography:

Monica Abbott has been writing fiction in both screenplay and novel formats since 2010 when she and her husband became empty nesters and moved to Europe. Living in Germany for four years provided time and inspiration to write.

Monica enjoys research and travel, particularly as it relates to subjects and characters that she develops in her stories. Her faith in God and love of family are recurring themes that are woven in to give audiences and readers that aha moment of personal connection and revelation.

Home is a relative term to Monica and her husband of forty-one years. They’ve been accused of moving a lot. They do put their wanderlust to good use to visit their five children and eight grandchildren in the states of Nevada, Utah, and Georgia.

While there are many verses that are highlighted in Monica’s beloved, worn and tattered Bible from the 1970’s, there is one verse that over the years has become her favorite: “Now glory be to God, who by His mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of – infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes.” Ephesians 3:20 (TLB)

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Oct 02, 2023

I love book sales because it makes reading a lot affordable!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Sep 28, 2023

Thank you, Monica, for sharing your book sale in our Super Sale Bookish Event!

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