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5 stars for The Tenant’s Wrath by @HarvestingB #scifi #sciencefiction #humorous #bookreview

Title: The Tenant’s Wrath

Author: Gabriel Nombo

Genre: Science Fiction, Alien Invasion

Book Blurb:

Happy New Year 3309!

Make a tour to a strange planet. The Tenant’s Wrath is a funny research report on how wrathful aliens live on their planet. Tussled Platters, the researcher from Earth, familiarizes himself with the aliens' techniques of conducting research. He performs thorough research on how aliens' wrathful nature affects them when they live together in their buildings as landlords and tenants. He reports it to Earthlings.

My Review:

For those clamoring for a book on alien landlord-tenant conflicts, this is the book you want. I can say, with total honesty, I have never read a book like this before. Now having read this, I have no need to read another like it. Incredibly detailed, this book takes you deep into this science fiction land. This book could be immersive. If the reader is captivated by this story, this book will take the reader to new heights.

A faithful presentation of common landlord/tenant issues but done in a humorous sci-fi style. If the show about people in an office made you laugh, then this book will make you laugh. There is an innate subtlety to the humor. The book is written in such a fashion you may not realize what you just read was humorous. This book requires the reader to think.

Kind of a guide for someone hitching to alien worlds to discuss landlords and tenants. Could appeal to readers of guides to hitchers. May appeal broadly to fans of subtle humor. A book to read when you think you have read them all.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Gabriel Nombo is an Information Security/Information Technology professional. He is CISA, CISM, and has a master's degree in Information Security. Apart from his interest in space technology, he is interested in communication between a landlord and a tenant when they dwell in the same building. For detailed information, please visit:

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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