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New Release | The Witch of the Breton Woods by Jennifer Ivy Walker #historicalromance #romanticsuspense #giveaway #newrelease

Title The Witch of the Breton Woods


Author:  Jennifer Ivy Walker


Genre romantic suspense; historical romance; historical fiction


Publisher The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


Traumatized by horrors witnessed during the Nazi invasion of France, a young woman retreats to the dense Breton woods where she becomes a member of the clandestine French Resistance. When she finds a critically injured American paratrooper whose plane was shot down, she shelters the wounded soldier in her secluded cottage, determined to heal him despite the enormous risk.


Ostracized by villagers who have labeled her a witch, she is betrayed by an informant who reports to the Butcher—the monstrous leader of the local paramilitary organization that collaborates with the Germans. As the enemy closes in, she must elude the Gestapo while helping the Resistance reunite the American with his regiment and join the Allied Forces in the Battle of Brittany.


Can true love triumph against all odds under the oppressive Third Reich?


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Beau would leave her in a few short weeks. To rejoin his regiment and return to battle. Neither of them knew if they’d even survive this damned war. Tomorrow might never come. But they did have today. And Yvette vowed that she wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.


He’d leave her, yes.


 But with fond memories instead of bitter regret.


 Life was ephemeral. Fragile. Fleeting. Love was a rare, precious gift.


This time, she would grab the chance for happiness and seize the day.


 Carpe diem.


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Giveaway -


Enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card. To enter, all you have to do is follow Jennifer Ivy Walker on BookBub.



Runs July 1 - July 31.


Winner will be drawn on August 1.


Author Biography


Jennifer Ivy Walker has an MA in French literature and is a p former high school teacher and professor of French at a state college in Florida.  Her novels encompass a love for French language, literature, history, and culture, incorporating her lifelong study and many trips to France.


The Witch of the Breton Woods is heart-pounding suspense set during WWII in Nazi-occupied France, where a young woman in the French Resistance shelters a wounded American soldier, hiding him from the Gestapo and the monstrous Butcher who are relentlessly hunting him.


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Jennifer Ivy Walker
Jennifer Ivy Walker
10 ก.ค.

Thank you very much for featuring my new romantic suspense, The Witch of the Breton Woods!

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