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New Release | The Wizard of her Heart (Jelly Beans and Spring Things) #pnr #romcom #bookboost

Title The Wizard of her Heart (Jelly Beans and Spring Things)

Author Terry Newman

Genre Paranormal romantic comedy

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Sydney Thomas doesn’t believe in romantic love. She moved to Zen, Ohio with her young daughter following a dismal marriage and disastrous divorce. Her new boss says he’s a wizard who helps people fall in love by casting spells over jelly beans. The last thing she needs is to get entangled in a relationship. Why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Wyatt Ginn is spellbound by the woman he met at the post office when he rear-ends her car. Not a great first impression. When he discovers she’s the social media director hired for his publishing company, the second and third impressions aren’t much better. And she doesn’t believe in magic. So why is he attracted to her?

There’s no way they can live happily ever after. Is there?


“Oh, honey,” Eric said, “I don’t know who turned you into such a cynic, but I’m sorry.” He looked at her like she was some poor waif. “This man is like cupid.”

Wyatt laughed and held up a hand. “No, not at all. Cupid goes around half-naked and shoots you in the backside with an arrow. I like to think my method is just a bit more subtle.” He eyed her. “And I’m fully dressed.”

She tried hard not to imagine him dressed in only a towel.

“You think you’re a wizard?”

Wyatt pursed his lips. “I know this must sound crazy to you, but I am one. Helping find or recover love is only a very small aspect of my gifts.”

“You’re new to Zen, aren’t you?” Eric tilted his head.

“Well, yes, I used to live in Cleveland.”

“That’s it.” He pointed at her and said to Wyatt, “That’s why she doesn’t believe.”

Then he turned his attention back to Sydney. “Everyone in town knows Wyatt's a wizard.” His tone implied the issue was settled.

She ran a hand through her hair. Her heart beat faster. This was all so bizarre.

“Wait, you’re not going to quit because of it, are you? I mean, I think you’ll fit in here nicely and you come with such great references and I’ve seen your work and—"

Granted, her first instinct was to run out the door, jump in her car and never come back. She couldn’t allow his misplaced imagination to scare her off on an otherwise dream job.

“No, I’ve rented a house. My daughter goes to school here. I’m in. But I’m not convinced you’re a wizard.”

“Your believing in my wizardry is not a requirement for employment at The Mercurial Quill Press.” He flashed her a smile. “Welcome aboard.”

His grin disarmed her. How could that one grin make her feel giddy? Fudge.

“Excuse me,” Eric said, “could we get on with this? I’m not getting any younger, folks.”

His voice startled her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to slow the process.” Whatever that process was.

“Yes,” Wyatt acknowledged, “let’s all focus our attention on the power of love.” He glanced at Sydney. “That’s all you have to do, is to think about love.”

“I can do that,” she said, softly. Didn’t see it much in my marriage, but I can pretend. I guess.

“In Universal spirit and truth, the power of love conquers all. All doubts. All fears. All feelings of inadequacy.” He lifted the bag of jelly beans as if he were a priest holding the Eucharist. “Take these jelly beans and go find your true love, Eric.”

She shouldn’t have been surprised that Eric appeared to be anticipating the pass off of the bag. He took it and held it with reverence.

“I’ll eat them later today. We’re meeting at the library coffee shop to discuss Jorgensen’s latest novel.” He gazed at the beans. You’d think he was holding a bag of diamonds.

He stood. “Thank you.” He looked at her. “Ooh. That coffee has already stained.” She looked down. It appeared to be official. It was now her horribly stained celebratory suit.

“Darling, just for future reference. None of us here wears our best.” He turned to Wyatt. “You should have told her.” He gave his friend an unflinching stare. “You could be a gentleman and fix that stain for the lady.”

“I’ve offered to pay for the dry cleaning.”

Eric shook his head. “You know that’s not what I mean.” He raised his eyebrows.

She watched, more confused than before.

“You’re right. That’s a beautiful outfit.” He nodded to her. “And I’m responsible for it being stained. I’ll fix it for you.”

If he wasn’t going to pay for the drying cleaning, how would he fix it?

“Let’s all sit down again.”

What the hell is going on?

Despite her ambivalence, she sat when the men sat back down.

“Close your eyes, Sydney, and imagine what the suit looked like before I spilled coffee on it.”

“What are—”

“Shh! He’s fixing it. Give him a chance,” Eric said. She felt like a little girl. “Remember, Wyatt’s a wizard.”

“You know, it’s fine. It’s just an outfit. It’s no big deal. You don’t have to do this.” Her words came out faster, and perhaps a bit more panicked than she intended.

“It’ll only take a minute.” Wyatt paused. “A simple affirmation, and it’ll be good as new. I promise. Consider this my way of apologizing.”

She sighed. What could it hurt to humor the man? Both he and Eric seemed to believe he was a wizard. This would be a great way to show him he wasn’t. It was one thing to mumble words over a bag of candy. It was a totally different thing to magically remove a stain right before her eyes.

“Sure.” She couldn’t believe she had to do this, but…

“Great. Close your eyes. Imagine the suit as it looked when you put it on this morning. Eric, you imagine the suit without the stain. We’ll need your help too.”

“Glad to be of service.” He gave Wyatt a quick salute.

She closed her eyes and, yes, she imagined how great the suit looked on her earlier in the morning. It was hard to believe it was mere hours ago.

“In Universal spirit and truth, all things blemished are purified, all things damaged are repaired. All things stained are cleansed.”

He paused. Her eyes were still closed. She had no idea what was happening. “Open your eyes.”

She opened them and looked at her jacket. The stain was gone. She looked up to see the men staring at her with silly grins on their faces.

“I told you he was a wizard.” Eric stood. “Gotta go. I’ve got manuscripts to read, you know.”

As he walked past her, he lightly touched her shoulder. “You’ll get used to it.”

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Author Biography

Terry Newman has always loved words. As the editor-in-chief of a national natural health publishing company, she has written books on a variety of topics, as well as writing direct-mail advertising.

She’s also worked as a reporter, a communications specialist and a freelance writer. She’d had clients worldwide, and researched and wrote hundreds of eBooks and print books as well as ghostwrote novellas and short stories.

One day she woke and decided to make her dream of writing her own novel come true. She sets all her stories in fictional towns in northeast Ohio and writes about things she loves—like coffee.

Terry has taught workshops on writing and character development.

She has a daughter, a son-in-law, and a grandpuppy, and lives in North Lima, a real town in northeast Ohio.

Social Media Links


Facebook: Terry Newman

Twitter: @tnewmanwrites

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