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The Woman Behind the Mirror is a Kindle Unlimited pick #historicalromance #ku #giveaway


The Woman Behind the Mirror



Jan Selbourne



Historical suspense romance


Book Blurb:


Marry in haste, repent at leisure is the last thing on Sarah Forsythe’s mind when she and the son of a local minister elope to the American colonies. She wasn’t to know abandonment, misery, poverty and shame would follow. As the colonies rebel against British rule and the siege of Boston worsens, alone and afraid, Sarah hides her desperation behind a hard shell. To survive, she is forced to steal from the safe of her employer. Instead of the cash she needs, she finds Bank of England documents. Sensing they might have some value, Sarah protects them through months of deprivation until she finally secures passage home to England. Unknown to her, two men are following, intent on claiming those documents. At any price.


Bank of England fraud investigator Neil McAlister faces the biggest challenge of his career when a woman from Boston demands a reward for returning lost documents to the bank. Then two men with the same name and nearly identical stories arrive in England, each claiming ownership of them. Who is lying? Or are all three accomplices in a plot to swindle the bank? As the obstinate, secretive woman gets under Neil's skin, he trusts that she was an unwitting witness to the crime of cold-blooded betrayal and treason before the fall of Boston. Now it’s up to Neil to protect Sarah because the traitor wants her dead.




Legs shaking, Sarah walked downstairs to face her furious father and white-faced mother.


“I cannot believe your wilfulness, your complete lack of propriety,” her father said icily. “You deliberately encouraged”—he frowned at her mother—“what was his name?”


“David Langford.”


“You encouraged this penniless nobody behind my back, knowing I have approved and accepted Mr Gerald Whitehead’s offer of marriage.”


“Papa, Mr Whitehead is over forty years old!”


“A mature man of independent means with homes in Norfolk and London. Now sadly widowed, he needs the comfort of a wife and mother to his children.”


Sarah’s fingers clenched. “His children are almost my age.”


Her mother spoke. “Albert dear, I do think Sarah and Mr Whitehead should be given more time to become better acquainted.”


Her father pointed his finger at her mother. “I hold you responsible for giving the girl far too much freedom. I can only pray Mr Whitehead does not hear of this shameful cavorting while he’s attending to business affairs.”


“I was not cavorting with David,” Sarah said hotly. “We met at the church fair when mama presented prizes for the best puddings. We were never alone, not even when Eliza and I showed David and Freddie the country dances because the Methodists don’t approve.”


Her father’s eyes had turned slate grey, filling her with fear.


“I am sorry papa. I will do whatever you bid.” She held her breath waiting for a hand across her face or worse.


“You will not leave this house until the banns are read.” Albert Forsythe strode from the room, slamming the door behind him.


Her mother touched her arm. “You have made papa very angry.”


Sarah’s eyes met her mothers. “If he beats me again, I will leave, David or no David.”


“Sarah! You are under-age and cannot defy papa. You know it is his fervent wish to see you and your brothers well set up.”


 “You mean Peter’s commission and Robert’s year in London will cost papa a lot of money. Mr Whitehead’s offer of marriage relieves him of more financial burden.”


Her mother’s mouth fell open. “That is a dreadful thing to say.”


“Mama, please, Mr Whitehead is ugly, and I cannot bear him near me.”


“Your father will provide a generous dowry,” her mother said quietly. “Do not defy him or we all suffer.”


“Yes mama, excuse me mama,” Sarah’s eyes blurred as she climbed the stairs again to her bedchamber. Closing the door, she sat at her dressing table and as she stared at her reflection her resolve grew. A glance at the closed door and she sharpened a quill and began to write. Signing the note S, she rang for her maid.


“Go to the Methodist manse. This letter must be handed to Mr David Langford and no one else.”


“Yes miss. I will, miss.”


Sarah put two shillings in her hand. “Not a word to anyone and you may have the rest of the day off.”


The maid blinked at half a week’s pay in her hand. “Thank you miss.”


When the door closed, Sarah’s knees turned to water. They’d talked about it, they’d held hands while declaring their love for each other, and now it was a frightening reality. She sat by the window as the minutes turned into one hour, then another hour and then her heart thudded in her chest. David, wearing a cloak and hat pulled low over his forehead rode past the front gates and placed a small sprig of leaves on the railing. He’d received her message.


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


Like several of my other books, The Woman Behind the Mirror spans two continents. It starts in Great Britain, moves to North America just before the revolution with Britain and eventually moves back to England. I found the history of this period to be fascinating. It’s not one favorable to women, as Sarah learns painfully. She begins the book as a young, idealistic lass but soon finds that only a spine of steel will keep her alive. I loved this about her—almost as much as she softens little by little as she finds she can trust people again, that she doesn’t have to fight for her survival alone. It’s a grand journey and one I hope you’ll share with her!


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Runs November 7 – November 16, 2023.


Winner will be drawn on November 17, 2023.

Author Biography:


Jan Selbourne was born and educated in Melbourne, Australia and her love of literature and history began as soon as she learned to read and hold a pen. After graduating from a Melbourne Business College her career began in the dusty world of ledgers and accounting, working in Victoria, Queensland and the United Kingdom. On the point of retiring, she changed course to work as secretary of a large NSW historical society. Now retired Jan is enjoying her love of travelling and literature. She has two children, a stray live in cat and lives near Maitland, New South Wales.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 15, 2023

Thank you, Jan, for sharing your book in our KU Bookish Event!

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