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The Wronged Princess by Kathy L Wheeler is a Kindle Unlimited pick #fairytale #romance #ku #giveaway

Title: The Wronged Princess

Author: Kathy L Wheeler

Genre: Sweet Historical Fairy Tale Twist Romance

Book Blurb:

1 shy sister, 1 angry sister, 1 feisty sister, 1 confused prince, 1 evil stepmother. Welcome to the real fairy tale. Finding his mysterious princess by trying her glass slipper on every maiden in Chalmers Kingdom sounded like a brilliant scheme until the silly thing slid quite easily on the foot of the wrong girl. Now Prince Charming is betrothed to one batting-eyed girl without means of an escape. Cinderella is devastated when her shoe fits one of her evil stepsisters. 'Tis an unfair twist of fate. Was she destined to an indentured life forever? But little do Cinderella and Prince Charming realize that his mother, the queen, and her twin sister (Cinderella's infamous fairy godmother), leap on the opportunity to teach Prince, impulsive decisions do not a future king make! "Sweetly Enchanting." – Double Rita Nominee, Amanda McCabe

"The timeless Cinderella tale travels in a whole new direction." Silver James - Two-time IDA Winner

"A delightful twist on a classic fairy tale." Award winning author, Alicia Dean


Panic surged from deep within Prince's abdomen. It roared through his veins like boiling acid as the slipper in his one hand glided neatly onto the foot he held with the other. He froze, unable to form a coherent thought. He snuck a cautious look to the face belonging to said foot. Her eyes blinked so rapidly, he was certain she hadn't caught his glance. Rising slowly, he steeled himself to meet the eyes of this new and unexpected affianced.

Her bright copper curls blew in a brisk breeze that were not all that unattractive. It’s just that those locks were far from the deep rich mahogany he'd been searching for.

He pulled back his shoulders and prayed his voice wouldn’t crack with the pressure of the forthcoming announcement. “It appears to be a fit.” And of course, his composure withstood nineteen years of training in self-possession, impassive expressions, and reinforced tactful negotiations. Imperative skills when one wrestled with a terror building so deep within one’s chest, one might implode on the spot.

“Well, of course it fits!” the hideous mother said, benevolently.

Sainthood. After this disastrous journey, he’d surely qualify for sainthood.

“Do quit batting your eyes, Esmeralda. You stir up the soil,” her mother snapped.

Just beyond the girl's shoulder, Prince caught sight of cheerful red and white curtains fluttering at the window.

Amazing. Her eyes did seem to create a wind. Despite the boulder lodged in his chest, he fixed an impassive gaze on his new betrothed, Egeld… Este—well, her name escaped him at the moment—and he contemplated the situation. Dread settled over him, along with a memory of his mother’s pained expression.

He was not a religious man, by any means, but divine intervention would not be amiss in this moment.

Cinderella backed away from the window, tears cascading down her face in rivulets. She should have heeded Stepmama’s command and stayed in the basement. How could it have not occurred to her that Esmeralda’s foot would fit her slipper? Her chest would shatter from the pain. Could one die of a broken heart? When Papa had passed from this world to the next, Stepmama had confiscated all of Cinderella’s belongings.

Even on the rare occasion Cinderella found herself lucky enough allowed her own possessions, did she not steal into Esmeralda’s wardrobe and try on her shoes? Both Esmeralda and Pricilla had lovely slippers and Esmeralda’s fit Cinde perfectly. Her gaze swept the darkness in a terrifying panic. Who was she to turn to for help? There was no confronting her family now. Her shoe fit Esmeralda. There was no one. Desolation was a brick slung around her neck while she treaded deep water. No matter how hard she kicked, she just kept sinking.

Frustrated tears blinded her way down the stairs. Should Fairy Godmother even be willing to help, why should she? Cinderella was the ninny that slipped out of the blasted shoe in the first place. She barely made it to her straw bed in the corner of the dingy space, the weight heavy in her chest. Her life was a black hole of hopelessness.

Marcel squealed in sympathy.

“What am I to do?” she cried.

He shook his head.

Touched by his forlorn compassion, she smiled. It was watery at best. “Thank you, my friend.” She sniffed. “It’s true, I guess. One reaps what one sows. My deceit has caught me cold.”

A tingling whisper of glitter wafted through the shadows, giving off a candlelight glow. The dark basement lit up in a shower of sparkles that swirled upward in a slow motion.

A gown of the softest pink chiffon shifted into focus like an artist’s genius touch on a blank page. The angel’s face appeared, one foot tapping in a rapid staccato tattoo. She snapped her shiny stick toward an old black kettle in the corner, whipping it into a high-backed padded chair fit for… well, a Fairy Godmother.

“Hello, dear.”

Her voice held a little sympathy. Very little.

Fairy Godmother swung around, and all but plunked into the chair like a sullen child. The silver stick clattered to the floor and with an irritated huff, she snatched it up and brushed an elegant hand over her frothy skirts then met Cinde’s gaze with a bold stare. She shook her head with a sad smile and soft sigh.

The dejected sound crushed Cinderella. She muffled her sobs in her hands. “I suppose when the tower clock struck twelve, I tempted fate one step too far. I was so enthralled, you see.” She wasn’t even certain her whispered words could be heard. She plowed on before her nerve deserted her. “But I ran. I ran as fast as I could.”

After a long silence, Cinde lifted her head. All was lost. She could see it in Fairy Godmother’s eyes. Ashamed, she dropped her head again. “I-I lost my shoe.”

“Yes, I know, dear.” Fairy Godmother’s voice was so much gentler than Cinde deserved, she burst into tears again.

“It never occurred to me Esmeralda’s foot should fit my slipper.” She hiccupped. “He never saw her face. I’m his mysterious princess. What am I to do?” she wailed.

“Do not fret, Cinderella, my sweeting. I regret to say this is more than just about you.” Fairy Godmother spoke kindly but she made no sense.

“I’m sorry, I don't understand?”

“Hmm. How shall I say this?”

Cinderella flinched under her piercing gaze, one that sent tingles racing up her spine. “I have been chatting with the queen, my dear.”

Confusion wrapped Cinderella in a thick cocoon as Fairy Godmother continued her matter-of-fact… tirade. “Frankly, my dear, she is thoroughly appalled by her son’s lack of imagination in pursuit of his… ahem… mysterious princess.”

“But… but, there is no need. Don’t you see?” Cinderella rose to her knees, poking herself in the chest with her thumb. Hope filled her. “I am she. I am his mysterious princess.

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

Well, if you love Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, then you are in luck. The 1965 version with Ginger Rogers and Leslie Ann Warren (Ms. Warren’s debut at age 17) then you will fall in love with this crazy twist. The orneriness of the queen and her twin sister… the sisters’ unique relationships, and the undue evil nature of Cinderella’s stepmother, who incidentally, has her own story in The Price of Scorn.

This series was my absolute first, but it has been re-edited and the cover’s updated. I hope you enjoy.

Kathy L Wheeler

Giveaway –

Enter to win a $40 Amazon gift card:

Open Internationally.

Runs November 7 – November 16, 2023.

Winner will be drawn on November 17, 2023.

Author Biography:

Kathy L Wheeler graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a BA in Management Information Systems and Vocal Music minor.

Kathy loves the NFL, NBA, musical theater, reading, writing and karaoke. She is the Ethic’s Director of the Regency Fiction Writers and a Guide in the Pen to Paper, a fantastic three-year-old program for aspiring romance authors.

She writes historical and contemporary romances that are a little dark, a little suspenseful, a little bit humorous, that are always compelling and will steal your breath.

She lives with her musically talented husband in the Pacific Northwest. She has one grown daughter (who has two adorable boys), and a neurotic dog, Angel who lives up to her name… mostly!

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 13, 2023

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your book in our KU Bookish Event!

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