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5 stars for The Youngest Doughboy by Steve Sterling #war #adventure #wwifiction #bookreview

Title: The Youngest Doughboy

Author: Steve Sterling

Genre: War Adventure, World War I Fiction

Book Blurb:

Ernest Wrentmore is dressed to kill with twin .45 automatics on his hips, a trench knife strapped across his chest, and enough ammunition to take out an enemy platoon. At age 12, Ernest is the youngest American solider in World War I France. He’s about to become a hero. Based on a true story.

The Youngest Doughboy was written for film and is presented in screenplay format. This World War I coming-of-age story was inspired by true events. Experience WWI through the eyes of the youngest American combat infantryman in that war – 13-year-old Ernest Wrentmore.

What others are saying about The Youngest Doughboy

Harrowing and dramatic, The Youngest Doughboy is a breathtaking portrayal of an unbelievable true story of courage and resilience behind the lines of battle. Enlisting at only 12 years old, Ernest's story is so incredible that it would be noteworthy and deserving of a cinematic adaptation no matter what he did in the military. That he goes on to be a genuine war hero is astounding, and the script treats his story with the reverence and awe it deserves. – The Blacklist.

The Youngest Doughboy takes what might be, given an altered context, a horrifying premise (a child soldier) and presents it with a tender, almost duty-bound perspective. This script’s subtleties are its strengths, including the plotting, pacing, and tone. … Overall, this script is a page-turner, one driven by poignant emotions and a compelling premise. – Wiki Screenplay Contest

The Youngest Doughboy is a strong, exciting script with a compelling premise. We’ve seen many different depictions of the World Wars on film, but this has a very particular and unique perspective of someone so young throwing himself willingly into such a traumatic situation. – Austin Screenplay Awards

Compiled from this competition is a list sent to buyers and financiers around the world of the 100 most interesting scripts. #1 on the 2020 Hot 100 List is The Youngest Doughboy. – Capital Fund Screenplay Competition

Well written with rich details and without over explaining situations or actions. Winner, Feedback Action/Adventure Competition

We search the best projects possible for our prestigious Festival here in France. The impressive performance of The Youngest Doughboy in the film festival circuit caught our attention. – Official Selection, RED Movie Awards.

This screenplay has been recognized with 20 laurels from film festivals and competitions. And with all that, it is unlikely that The Youngest Doughboy will be made. This story is so special it would be a crime if it was relegated to a drawer. Now anyone who wishes to can learn about Ernest and what he and his comrades went through in France.

My Review:

This has to be the best screenplay presented as a novel I have ever read. Okay, so I have never read another in this format - it is still a good read! The book provides a stylized story of a real person, a young boy who somehow got to Europe and fought in WW1 at age 13.

The story grips the reader. The author does a tremendous job of illustrating the bare truth about war. It is oft said 'war is hell' but that isn't factually correct. Innocents are victims in war too, not just sinners. This book lets the reader see that war is killing and death. Nothing more, nothing less. If governments had this understanding, we'd have less interest in war.

This book (screenplay) needs to be picked up. A graphic novel would be a super place to start, that could flow into an adult cartoon film. A movie could be made out of this and needs to be.

The reader is drawn into the story. The characters are rich and deep. The author builds such depth that you care for the characters. A very strong effort that deserves a chance to be put on film.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Steve is a business writer. When he came across Ernest’s story, he knew it was time to cut loose and do something different. While working full time, he researched and wrote The Youngest Doughboy.

Reviewed by: Mr. N

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