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To Sketch a Killer by Caryl Janis is a Toasty Reads Bookish Event pick #urbancozymystery #cozymystery #toastyreads #giveaway

Title: To Sketch a Killer


Author: Caryl Janis


Genre: Urban cozy mystery


Book Blurb:


Sarah Quinlee needed a change. She sublet a tiny Manhattan apartment, took a new job, and rekindled her passion for sketching. But after accidentally stumbling on a murder victim outside the church next to her workplace, change proved far riskier than she'd anticipated, even for the crime-ridden 1970s. Sarah is quickly pulled into a tangle of neighborhood secrets involving an enigmatic homeless woman, a menacing street punk, a quirky assortment of locals, and coworkers with a past. Her perceptive sketches of them raise some serious questions--and some serious danger. Unable to resist playing sleuth, despite the profound concern of a very attractive police detective, Sarah is soon up against a killer desperate to hide the crime at all costs.




     Sarah commented on the delicate lines of a marble sculpture. And Cookie spoke perceptively of the facial expressions captured in several century-old portraits. They reminisced about their after-school sketching classes and how unique these had been.


    “Sarah, you really should take more art courses. I can see how much you still love it.”


    “I do love it. I’ve even taken out my sketchpad again.” She thought back to a couple of pages she’d added the other night—the inside of Gianni’s intriguing shop as well as a humorous drawing of Edgar with a huge batch of files about to topple off his desk. It had been fun.


     “You’re going to tell me everything about the job soon, right?” asked Cookie

before they parted. “The stuff you didn’t tell me today?”


     “Absolutely,” said Sarah with a smile. “The job stories will keep. Insurance isn’t the most exciting game in town.” Unless it’s peppered with behind-the-scenes intrigue and murder.


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What makes your featured book a must-read?


A sympathetic heroine tries to solve a murder, unwittingly putting herself in danger and keeping readers guessing throughout. And the plot twists and turns include a nice touch of romance, too!  


Giveaway –


Enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card:



Open Internationally.


Runs February 6 – February 12, 2024.


Winner will be drawn on February 13, 2024.


Author Biography:


Caryl Janis has been a fan of mysteries since childhood and now writes her own.

To Sketch a Killer is her first. Research Can Be Murder will be available soon. She

is also a freelance musician and nonfiction author who enjoys theater, museums, and spending time with family and friends.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 09

Thank you, Caryl, for sharing your book in our Toasty Reads Bookish Event!

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