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5 stars for Traders of the South Seas by James Farris #bookreview #scifi #fantasy #adventure #free

Title: Traders of the South Seas

Author: James Farris

Genre: Science Fiction Adventure, Fantasy Adventure

Book Blurb:

Christoph Swift, a sharp young man from the muggy swamps of Fontainebleau, Louisiana, is catapulted into the unknown world of the Traders Terminal—a ruthless, intricate world centered around the exchange of a coveted, yet scarce, gem: minosium. This gem has an imponderable amount of potential energy and is able to power fascinating weapons, machinery, and more. Join Christoph Swift in a grand adventure across the seas from islands of paradise to subterranean caverns in his attempt to join this secretive Traders Terminal. He will encounter dangerous trials, elusive enemies, and potential riches while uncovering the shrouded past of a family heirloom: an amulet with ancient markings of mystifying origins bizarrely tied to this impalpable Traders world.

My Review:

The book adventure fans have been long waiting for. This book is one that could blow your mind in its creativity! You will never think about boarding a ship at a dock again once you read this book.

The story of Swift is reminiscent of Greek mythology. The more of this book I read, the more I began to see a kinship between Swift and Hercules. The depth of character created is amazing. The world-building is vivid. The reader is on the edge of their seat with every page turn.

Simply a story that will grab you and take you along at 100 miles an hour. One is nearly breathless when the first book ends. The reader can't help but demand to read book two STAT! A book for fans of mythology and action. A book for the lovers of adventure fiction. A dynamically exciting read.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

James Farris writes inventive adventure stories steeped in science-fiction and romance, stories filled with twists and turns, unique perspectives, and complex mysteries. Farris currently resides in Mandeville, Louisiana, surrounded by his loving family. In his spare time, he enjoys riding bikes, playing sports, praying, and listening to a myriad of audiobooks with a double shot of espresso. Utilizing science, history, and culture, he creates timeless stories that bring the reader into an exciting world that ignites the imagination. Traders of the South Seas will be his second book to be released following his debut novel, Red X Revolution (2019).

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

1 Comment

Barbara Bettis
Jan 19, 2022

What a resounding review--the book's action and plot sound so intriguing. But, heck, you had me at Greek mythology! All the best with your new book, James.

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