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Trapped in Santa Rosa (Christmas Bride Dilemma – Book 3) is a Christmas in July Fete pick #ku

Title: Trapped in Santa Rosa (Christmas Bride Dilemma – Book 3)

Author: Nancy Fraser

Genre: Sweet Historical Western Romance

Book Blurb:

When Hannah Wilson is jilted by her fiancé for a younger woman from a wealthy family, she decides to follow her dream and travel west to Seattle, Washington to start a new life. After all, she’s a trained nurse. Surely, she can find work and manage on her own.

Boarding the train in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, Hannah sets out, filled with hope for the future. She trusts her faith in the Almighty will protect her on her travels, and help her make the right decisions once she reaches her destination.

When a freak, early October snowstorm derails the train miles from the closest city, the residents of the small town of Santa Rosa, Montana, come to the rescue, including local cattleman, Storm Travers, owner of the Triple T Ranch.

The moment he meets Hannah, Storm’s impressed with the way she pitches in to minister to those who were injured in the crash. When he discovers she’s hiding an injury of her own, he insists she ride with him to his ranch so his housekeeper can take care of her injury. When she balks, he assures her she’ll be safe among his household and ranch staff.

Will she be able to resist this handsome man who arrived atop his silver-gray steed? More importantly, will he become her very own knight in denim armor?



Home of Marcus and Ella Wilson

Baltimore, Maryland

Mid-September 1895

Hannah Wilson paced the length of the drawing room for what was likely the tenth, or possibly even twentieth, time. Where was he?

“Hannah, dear, sit down,” her mother coaxed. “You’ll wear yourself out before your engagement party.”

“The guests will be arriving soon,” she responded. “Surely, Peter won’t be late for our grand announcement. Not with over two dozen family and friends attending.”

“I’m sure he got tied up at work,” her father noted. “The docks are always busiest on Friday afternoons. Being the dockmaster can be a very demanding job. Not to mention, he was scheduled to return from New Orleans only yesterday. He’s probably got a mountain of paperwork that needs his attention.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Hannah conceded. “Still, I’d rather he was here early.”

A knock sounded at the door, and her father motioned for her to stay back. “I’ll answer it. A proper young lady shouldn’t appear too eager.”

Hannah buried a laugh demurely behind her hand. At twenty-six, she wasn’t exactly ‘young’, at least not by society’s standards. Truth be told, her mother had breathed an audible sigh of relief when Peter Donaldson asked for her hand after barely six months of courting.

‘Thank the Almighty,’ Ella Wilson had whispered that evening. ‘I was picturing having a spinster for a daughter.’

It wasn’t as if she’d purposely put herself on the shelf, Hannah reasoned. She’d been busy with her education. First, university, then nursing school. Something that likely wouldn’t have been possible if she’d married early.

The door swung open, drawing Hannah from her thoughts. Rather than her intended, his older brother David stood on the stoop. Hannah’s heart leaped into her throat. Had something happened to Peter?

“Come in, David,” her father greeted. “Your brother hasn’t yet arrived.”

“That’s why I’m here, Sir,” the young attorney said. Casting a glance in Hannah’s direction, he suggested, “Perhaps we could move into the parlor.”

Marcus led the way into the warm and welcoming sitting room.

“Is Peter all right?” Hannah asked the moment they were seated.

“He’s fine, but he’s asked me to come and speak to you in his stead.”

“Speak to me? About what? Our engagement party is to start in less than an hour.”

David’s gaze dropped to the floor. “There’s not going to be an engagement party, I’m afraid. Peter has changed his mind.”

“He changed... his mind...” Hannah stammered. “What do you mean, changed his mind? About the party? About our engagement?”

“Both. He’s met someone else. A young lady from New Orleans.”

Hannah’s mind spun, and her stomach turned sour. “But... he was only gone a week. How could he have fallen for someone else so quickly?”

“I honestly don’t know,” David admitted. “Her father offered him a position with one of his shipping companies, so he’s not even bothering to return to Baltimore. I’m to ship his personal belongings to him.” Reaching for her hand, David patted the back gently. “I’m sorry, Hannah, I truly am. Rebecca and the girls were looking forward to having you join our family, as was I.”

“Who is this woman?” Ella Wilson demanded. “And, how did he meet her?”

David shrugged. “I’m not sure. Other than his request that I make this visit, I don’t know much more other than the fact her name is Alma, she’s barely nineteen, and from one of New Orleans’ richest families.”

“Well, that explains a lot, doesn’t it?” Ella snarked.

“I suppose it does,” David agreed, resigned embarrassment altering his usually robust voice. “I’ve taken the liberty of letting our side of the family know that the party is off, so you won’t have to face any of them to announce there will be no engagement.” He pushed himself to his feet. “I’d better be going. Our mother is insisting I get more details. And... again... my apologies for my brother’s abhorrent behavior.”

“You’re a good man, David,” Marcus said. “Thank you for coming in person to let us know what’s going on.”

Once her father had shown David to the door, he returned to say he was going to his office where he planned to make telephone calls to those family members and friends who were able to receive them.

“What about those you can’t reach?” Ella asked.

“Then, I suppose, we’ll feed them a good meal and provide witty conversation, as if nothing untoward has happened,” he replied.

“And just how is that possible, papa?” Hanna asked. “I’ve been jilted for a mere child.”

“No, sweetheart. You were set aside purely for business purposes. It’s unfortunate, but money and status usually win out in the end.”

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What I love most about the holiday season:

The fellowship. Gifts are nice, but there’s nothing more important than being with family and friends. Whether it’s a small get-together, or a huge family meal, there are always great stories to be told and new ones to be created.

Why is your featured book a must-read to get you in the holiday mood?

What better gift to get during the holiday season than new friends, new family, and true love. Trapped in Santa Rosa features a very independent heroine, a strong, alpha male hero, and an assortment of weird and wonderful supporting character who will work their way into your hearts. And, as if they weren’t quirky enough, I named the majority of the characters in this book after my grand-pets. I’ll leave it to the readers to figure out which ones.

Giveaway –

One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon US or Canada gift card:

Open internationally.

Runs July 1 – 31, 2023.

Drawing will be held on August 1, 2023.

Author Biography:

Nancy’s most recent accolade was for her western historical romance, An Honorable Man for Katarina, which won the National Excellence in Story Telling (NEST) award for sweet romance. She was also named a “bright new voice in sweet/inspirational romance” by Independently Reviewed.

When not writing (which is almost never), Nancy dotes on her five wonderful grandchildren and looks forward to traveling and reading when time permits. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.

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Jul 23, 2023

Spending time with family is my fave part of the holidays


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 12, 2023

Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your new release in our Christmas in July Fete! It sounds like a wonderful read.


Nancy Fraser
Nancy Fraser
Jul 12, 2023

Thank you so much for featuring Trapped in Santa Rosa as one of the Christmas in July books. It's always a pleasure to be here.

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 12, 2023
Replying to

We love having you here.

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