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Unbroken: Book Two of The Gladewater Series by @DallasRyan22 is a Celebrate Weddings pick #romance

Title: Unbroken: Book Two of The Gladewater Series

Author: Dallas Ryan

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Small town romance

Book Blurb:

Café owner Maggie Wade has a magic touch—when it comes to her business, and caring for her friends. Her own love life? That’s where she falters, thanks to an incident long ago that shattered her self-image.

Then Dr. Zane Savage comes to town. The handsome Dallas neurologist can’t seem to take his warm, whiskey eyes off her. Their attraction sizzles, but Maggie’s been burned before. And ever since, she’s kept her heart away from all sources of heat.

Zane’s existed on a steady diet of Barbie-doll types. Plastic. Temporary. Disposable. Until he meets Maggie. One taste of her sweet smile, sparkling brown eyes, and warm personality, and he’s a goner. So what if he’s been a player in the past? Maggie makes him want to be a better man.

Despite the distance between them, their relationship takes flight, and Maggie’s new-found confidence soars. But when a piece of trash from Zane’s past blows back into his life—and refuses to be shaken off—the strain puts more than Maggie’s trust at risk. It puts her life in danger.


“What are you talking about? Late for what? Dani!” he called to her Dani’s back, struggling to catch up with her and what the hell could be happening.

“It came to me last night after I dropped your mama at her car,” Dani explained as she barged into Maggie’s bedroom, clearly a woman with a mission. “I called Pastor Evans and he agreed so we’re doing it.”

JT reached a long arm out and spun her around to face him. “Doing what?”

“Getting married. At 8:30. In the hospital chapel. I’m not getting married without my best friend so since she may not be able to come to me, I’m going to her.” She looked at him like he was an idiot when he just stood there with his mouth open. “Chop, chop! We’re running late already. You get dressed and I’ll grab Maggie’s things.”

Dani banged on Maggie’s bathroom door where the shower could be heard running. She heard a muffled curse before the water turned off. “What?” a deep masculine voice called out in irritation.

She laughed under her breath. “Hurry up, Dr. Savage! I have a date with a minister in half an hour and I need you there to escort my maid of honor down the aisle!”

“Dani?” Zane called confused. “What are you doing here? What...”

“I just told you. Married. Hospital. Thirty minutes. Do not make me late for my own wedding, Zane Savage!”

“Jesus! Okay, okay. I’ll be out in five.” There was no stopping her when she had that tone. He knew from experience.

A slow smile started to grow across JT’s lips at the exchange. Before he knew it, he was chuckling and heading to his room to get dressed. He’d have to forgo his won shower. Dani was a woman on a mission. There was no denying her.


Maggie sat in her hospital bed wringing white sheets in her hands. Zane had left a while ago to go get a shower and a change of clothes while they took her for more tests. She was even more worried about missing Dani’s wedding. After all they had been through to get back together, and all the work that had gone into today, and she might miss it. It would break her heart not to be able to see Dani and Levi exchange vows. She wiped an eye. She pulled herself up straighter in bed. Get ahold of yourself, Margaret Elizabeth! Zane is not going to come back to find a simpering little flower and you are going to make it to this wedding come hell or high water. She hit the call button for the nurse to come help her get cleaned up and get herself together before Zane got back.

Thirty minutes later, when Zane popped his head back in the door, she had at least gotten washed up, had her teeth and hair brushed and was in a fresh hospital gown, such as it was. She tried to smile brightly as he strode back into the room looking incredibly handsome in pressed jeans and a sage green button down shirt that brought out the gold in his eyes. His hair was still damp from the shower and she could smell his cologne as he came up to the bed. She breathed deeply. She loved that smell.

He placed her small overnight kit on the bed and leaned down to kiss her tenderly on the lips. “You look all fresh and ready for the day, sweetheart. How are you feeling? Tests go okay?”

Maggie nodded. “All done and I even got to wash my face and brush my teeth and hair,” she said with mock excitement. “Zane, you have to get me out of here,” she pleaded, her voice still strained and rough. “I can’t miss the wedding.”

“I have a feeling you’re going to make it,” Zane said, a mysterious smile lighting his face. He started to open the bag and pulled out a pair of pink silk pajamas and matching robe. She had bought them for a girls’ weekend at a spa she and Dani had gone too but hadn’t worn them since.

“Where in the world did you find those?” she asked as Zane started untying her ugly hospital gown to help her into the beautiful silk.

“A little bird told me about them. A little red-headed bird,” he confessed. “Let’s get you in these. We have somewhere to be, and I want you to look nice.”

“Somewhere to be?” Maggie asked. “In the hospital? Not more tests surely.” She couldn’t figure out why she would need dressy pajamas for more tests or where else they could be going.

“You’ll know shortly,” he said with a mischievous grin.

In short order, he had her swathed in silk and in a wheelchair, rolling her down the hall. “Here we are,” he announced as they stopped at the hospital chapel doors. He stuck his head inside and, in the next moment, her brother was at the door holding it open so Zane could push her inside. The sight that met her eyes had her eyes streaming again.

Dani and Levi stood at the altar with Pastor Evans. Levi in a white button down, black dress pants and black cowboy boots. His wide grin could have lit up all of Texas. Dani stood next to him, and Maggie had to stifle a laugh. She had on a white T-shirt with Bridezilla in pink script blazoned across the chest, that Maggie had bought for her several weeks ago as a joke, paired with a long, white gauzy skirt and pink cowboy boots. Her riot of red curls was piled on her head in a half up do with red ringlets falling down her back and framing her face. She held a small bouquet of pink and white daisies. Dani’s aunt and uncle, Lu and Eustace sat in the pews along with Levi’s mother, Wanda. Tricia Wade, JT, and Sofia rounded out the party in the little chapel.

Dani met her at the head of the aisle as Zane pushed her up to meet her. “What are you doing here?” Maggie asked, though it was obvious a wedding was about to take place.

Dani leaned down and hugged her, whispering in her ear. “You didn’t think there was any way I was getting married without my best friend, did you?” She stood. “I knew you’d be worrying yourself sick over making it this afternoon, so I decided to bring the wedding to you. Everyone that really matters is here,” she said looking around, her eyes growing soft. She held Maggie’s hand. “We’ll do the ceremony again this afternoon as planned with everyone else, but this is the real wedding.”

Maggie teared up as they hugged again. She was handed her own small bouquet and Zane pushed her to her place in the front next to Dani, wheelchair and all. He kissed her head and smiled at her as he stepped back and took a seat next to her brother and Sofia.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Dani and Levi stood in the little hospital chapel and exchanged their vows.

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If you love a small-town romance with all the feels and some good steam then Unbroken is for you! The Gladewater Series is based in TX and has all the downhome good feelings along with plenty of drama. Don’t worry, you get your HEA in the end.

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Runs June 15 – June 23, 2022.

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Author Biography:

Dallas is a nurse by trade who always dreamed of being a novelist...and now that dream has come true! She is a Texan transplant who now lives on a Virginia lake with her husband, kids and 5 spoiled canines. When she's not dreaming up new characters, she likes to create yarn colors and drink Margaritas - sometimes at the same time.

Follow her on her FB page or The Gladewater Series page for updates on coming works, book excerpts, character teasers and lots of other fun stuff!

Dallas loves to hear from her book fans! Drop her a line at

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
20 jun 2022

Thank you, Dallas, for sharing your book in our Celebrate Weddings Bookish Event!

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