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5 stars for Unfinished Business: A Western Adventure Novel (A Pearl Brothers Western Adventure Book 5) by Andrew Weston #western #historicalwestern #bookreview

Title: Unfinished Business: A Western Adventure Novel (A Pearl Brothers Western Adventure Book 5)

Author: Andrew Weston

Genre: Historical Western Adventure 


Book Blurb:


The latest book in the "Pearl Brothers Western Adventure" series has arrived!

The Pearl brothers encountered all sorts of people in the years it took them to set up the community of Elder Grove. Disgruntled Plains Indians. Murderers. Horse thieves. Army deserters. And in all that time, none were more exasperating than those folks who acted like a dog with a bone. Those mavericks who let their past failures and grievances gnaw away at them so much that they never seemed able to let go.

A troublesome enough irritation when you have to deal with such behavior in passing.Imagine, then, how they’ll respond upon encountering a notorious gang who can’t abide the thought of simply giving up and moving on until they’ve carried out ‘just one more’ robbery. Or worse still, predatory bands of Cheyenne, stubbornly seeking revenge on those they feel have caused them to lose face.

Yes, life is never dull on the Plains of Kansas… as the Pearl brothers are about to discover yet again.


My Review:


Another chapter in this authentic old west saga that is a must read for all who have enjoyed any of the previous books.  Here, the saga of the brothers continues. The multiple storylines continue and keep the reader fresh and interested.


Here, once again we follow the Reno brothers as they work towards their ultimate goal...oh I'm sorry...this is about the Pearl brothers? Oh, my mistake.


The scene detail is exemplary again. The author has done his research to recreate such an authentic feel for the old west.  The character development is second to none. There is an equal effort put forth for the characters of the Plains Indian Warriors as for the bad guys and the good guys.


The action scenes are heart pounding and may even be considered a bit much to a tamer reader. Though why a tamer reader would pick up an action-filled old western series is a good question.  Everything in this book makes one hungry for the next book. Another epic in what has already become an epic series about the old west.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Born in the UK, Andrew Weston was captivated by the great western shows of the 1950s and 60s, where the likes of Wagon Train, Rawhide, Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger, Bonanza, and the High Chaparral were regular fare on TV.


Having served around the world in both the military and law enforcement for well over three decades, Weston now lives in the Aegean Greek Islands with his wonderful wife of 24 years. It is from there that he continues his quest to write the perfect story, and discover a film to rival, “Once Upon a Time in the West.”


Social Media Links:


Twitter: @WestonAndrew


Reviewed by: Mr. N


Andrew Paul Weston
Andrew Paul Weston

Thanks for the review - Glad you enjoyed it :)


Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes

This sounds like a great read! Congratulations to Andrew, and thank you for sharing!

Andrew Paul Weston
Andrew Paul Weston

You are most welcome 😎

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