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5 stars for Until... by @Beth__Henderson #historicalromance #western #newrelease #bookreview

Title: Until…

Author: Beth Henderson

Genre: Historical Romance, Historical Western Romance

Book Blurb:

When Talmadge Hammond drifts into the Idaho mining camp he has no intention of using his law degree. He’s there for whiskey and the gold he can win at cards. Instead, he must save the life of the woman who’d once vowed to love him until...

Noletta Kittridge begins that day covered in a man’s blood and accused of murder. She has sinned to stay alive. Redemption can come only by giving her life to save the person who accidentally killed the man. Even Tal’s reappearance in her life can’t revive Letty’s will to live.

Determined to keep her from the hangman’s noose, Tal must either convince her to tell who did kill the victim or solve the mystery himself. If he fails, he and Letty will finally reach that unvoiced destination beyond until...

My Review:

The last person Talmadge Hammond expects to find in an Idaho mining camp is Noletta Kittridge. She’s covered in blood and accused of murder. Tal cannot believe she murdered a man. She must be protecting someone…but who? He pleads with her to surrender the name of the real killer but her eyes reflect someone who’s lost all hope. Determined to save the woman he once loved, he investigates the murder himself. What he discovers will change him and Letty forever. Can he save the woman who stole his heart, and still loves, from death, or has he secured his own matching noose?

Until… is a gripping, suspenseful historical romance I couldn’t put down. The setting is stark and adds its own level of eeriness. From the beginning, I was drawn into the story. Tal and Letty are past loves who are reunited under very dark circumstances. A lawyer in love with a murderer… talk about taboo, especially in this frontier time period. Until… is a character-driven story with descriptive narration peppered with taut emotional tension. Beth Henderson is masterful in her writing, drawing the reader in. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading. Yes, I even stayed up late just to read a little more. The plot is equal parts historical mystery and historical western romance. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Until… and I look forward to reading more from Beth Henderson. Fans of CiCi Cordelia and Cynthia Woolf will enjoy this book. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

BETH HENDERSON is split between loving the research and adventure of writing historicals, going for funny with contemporary romantic comedy, or diving into romantic suspense. Under a variety of pen names she's written over 30 published tales of romance (some even YA romantic comedy) and a new historical set in 1863 in the Boise Basin gold rush arrives from The Wild Rose Press in Spring/Summer 2021. Currently she is working on a romantic suspense with a musician being stalked and a female PI determined to keep him alive, and a 4-book set of paranormal romantic comedy mysteries. Her first book, NIKROVA'S PASSION was released in May 1990, which means she is been a published novelist for over 30 years, something she wanted to be for decades before it happened. As J.B. Dane she also writes urban fantasy comedic mystery. As Nied Darnell it's Weird West Steampunk, Victorian Gaslamp comedic mystery, and 1920s Dieselpunk fantasy adventures with an agent who is a whiz when it comes to glamours...or glamor!

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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