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Great book for less than a buck: Until We Get It Right by @CadenceVonn #99cents #eroticromance



Genre: Erotic Romance

Book Blurb:

It’s lust at first sight when Dr. Luke Blacke meets the woman overseeing the renovation of his house. After landing a job in his home town, his first order of business is finding his own place and getting out from under his brother’s roof where things go bump in the night, day, and anytime Mark and his fiancée feel in the mood.

Toni Berg is out to prove to her bastard of a brother that she’s a capable architect and can handle the project manager’s job for Luke Blacke, a new customer whose work will bring in a hefty paycheck for the company. The instant magnetism between her and the tall, handsome doctor requires discretion. That doesn’t prevent the lovers from discovering the kinky side of their attraction.

But the property Luke buys holds a secret someone wants and will do anything to obtain. Luke must protect Toni or lose the woman who has opened up a world of sexual pleasures and who brings to life their erotic fantasies. Lust turns to love as danger lurks within the walls of his house.


Toni continued brushing the dapple gray. A car door shut near the barn entrance, and her shoulders sagged. Angela would meet Luke, something she dreaded.

“Hi,” Luke said from the entrance of the barn. “Am I early?”

“Not at all, Dr. Blacke. I’d like you to meet Angela Morris. Angela, this is Dr. Luke Blacke.” Toni cringed as Angela almost purred her hello.

He nodded without smiling.

“Dr. Blacke, may I call you Luke?” Angela asked as she rested her long, thin fingers on his arm.

“I suppose, since it’s my name.”

Angela stepped back. Her nose tipped higher at the brisk statement. “I’ll leave you two to your lesson.” She turned and stomped out of the barn.

Toni giggled. “I think you’re the first man who didn’t react to her flirting.”

“I did react.” He exaggerated a shudder, causing her giggle to turn into a laugh.

“I’m sure she’s already on her phone to Jason. Let’s enjoy the afternoon and hope he doesn’t show up.” She held out the brush. “The first thing you need to learn is how to care for your horse.”

“I’d rather be brushing your hair.” He tugged on her long ponytail.

She coughed. “I’ve never had a guy brush my hair before.”

“Don’t you think it’d feel good? I know I’d enjoy messing with it.”

“I suppose,” she stammered.

“We’ll try it sometime.” With long strokes, he worked the stiff bristles over the gelding’s back.

An afternoon filled with sexual teasing. Not what she considered when she started this riding experiment. After Friday night, she should’ve considered the end result of them being so close together. Subconsciously, she had. And now she was getting what her body craved and her mind tried to deny. An hour on the horse, and she’d drag him inside to revisit his kisses and satisfy her hunger for his touch.

“Hey, still with me?” He poked her with the brush.

“Yeah.” She took the brush out of his hand. “Now I’ll show you how to saddle a horse.”

“I’d rather kiss you. That’s what your mouth is really saying.”

“Not here. Angela could walk in. Let’s go into the office under the loft steps. I’ll have you sign a waiver agreement as an excuse for being in there if we’re caught.”

“I feel like we’re back in high school. It’s kind of fun.” He followed her into the room and pushed the door closed behind him. His broad shoulders filled the narrow area between the desk and the file cabinet. He rested against the door. “What are ya going to do with me?” he said, his voice low and seductive.

She flung her body into his arms and tugged his head down, capturing his mouth in a hard kiss. Her tongue swished out, challenging his to a duel for control.

He slipped his hands down over her bottom and lifted, bringing her to eye level. He never released her mouth as she clung to his neck. When they finally separated, out of breath, he said, “I want more.”

“Me too. Let’s get this riding lesson over with. Then we can go to the house under the pretext of looking at the plans. Can you wait that long?” She scrooched against his body in a teasing back and forth motion.

“If I have to. Saddle the horse. I’ll do anything to strip you again.”

“The waiver.” Toni panicked when he set her down. She pulled open the file drawer, paged through the folders, and pulled out a slip of paper. “Sign here.” He scribbled his signature, and she snorted. “You’re definitely a doctor.”

“I practiced being messy. It doesn’t come naturally to me. Now, let’s go. Your ass is mine in half an hour, either in the house or here in the barn.”

“House. The barn’s not a place for sex.”

“You’ve never had barn sex?”

“Yuck, no. Mice and rat droppings, pigeon shit, not to mention horse manure.” She opened the office door. “Oh, did I mention fleas in the straw? Whoever writes about sex in a barn has never been in a barn.”

“Duly noted. You sound like my brother, Mark, when I mentioned taking you camping.” He scoffed.

“What? All cuddled up in a sleeping bag sounds romantic.”

“This coming for a woman who never camped. Close your eyes and imagine insect repellent, campfire smoke, mosquitos, and ants.”

Toni scrunched up her nose. “Sounds like the barn.”


“A cabin.” They said in unison and laughed.

“What about a cabin?” Angela asked as she re-entered the barn.

“I want my den to have the feel of a cabin.” Luke didn’t miss a step, covering up their conversation. “We better stop talking business and get down to the business of saddling the horse.” He turned to Toni and shared a conspiratorial wink.

“First, the blanket.” Toni followed his lead and guided him through the process.

“Great,” she said when he finished. “Let’s walk out to the ring. I’ll show you a few stretches before I teach you how to mount up.”

He bit his lower lip and flexed his eyebrows. She rolled her eyes but couldn’t hide the red splotches warming her neck.

“You have a dirty mind,” she whispered.

“Yours must be just as bad. I’ll admit you bring out the horny guy in me.”

“Me too. Jeez, we need to get a grip.”

“I don’t know. I like thinking about you under me.”

“I suggest you think of something else, or this ride’s going to be painful.” She raised her eyebrow at him and glanced down at the protruding zipper of his jeans.

Luke moaned. “Fine. I’ll think of the antiseptic smell of a hospital. It clings to the skin after spending twelve-hour days working in the place. There. Let’s get this lesson over with.”

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Author Biography:

Cadence has a BFA in photography and silversmithing. She is an accomplished doodler and daydreamer who discovered she enjoys writing down the stories that dance in her head. After many years in Pennsylvania, her dream came true. She now resides with her husband on an island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She wakes every morning to a sunrise over the Puget Sound where each day she’s inspired by the beauty. Available books and short stories:

Play A Game With Me

The Perception Game

The Blacke Brothers Novels

Revving Her Heart

From Denver to Forever

Until We Get It Right

Who Knew…It Takes Two!

Who Knew…His Friend Would Do!

Beautiful Will Do

Fantasy Lover


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Barbara Bettis
Apr 19, 2020

Quite a review, Cadence! Best of luck with the sale ;)


Cadence Vonn
Cadence Vonn
Apr 19, 2020

I love putting my books on your site! Thank you for finding ways to showcase them. Take care.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 19, 2020

Thank you, Cadence, for sharing your book in our 99 cents Book Sale!

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