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Water Dreams, Love’s Siren Song Book 1 by Katherine Eddinger Smits is a Spring Break Bookapalooza pick #paranormalromance #paranormal #mustread #giveaway

Title: Water Dreams, Love’s Siren Song Book 1


Author: Katherine Eddinger Smits


Genre: Paranormal Romance


Book Blurb:


Water Dreams is an award-winning finalist in the Fiction/Romance category of the Best Book Awards.

She’s human. He’s Nerei. What happens when they fall in love against his species’ laws?

In the small Florida town of Tarpon Springs, Nik Aronopulos avoids water like the plague. She never goes to the beach and shuns restaurants with views of the Gulf of Mexico. So, when a merman shows up at her doorstep, insisting they need to study her, she’s stunned. There’s nothing special about her…

…or so she thinks.

Bas is an arrogant, dark-haired merman tasked with obtaining Nik’s cooperation at all costs, even if it means being untruthful about the extent of the ‘study’ they need to conduct on her. But he’s willing to do and say whatever he must. She’s the Nerei’s only hope at overcoming their greatest weakness. Although they can shapeshift to look like humans and have advantages over land dwellers, their dependence on water keeps them from freedom. There’s just one problem – the girl he’s meant to capture under false pretenses is hooking his heart.

When Bas is shot by a bullet meant for Nik, she must face her greatest fear to help him – the ocean. Her decision plunges her into a desperate journey where her desire for self-preservation is weighed against her growing feelings for this merman who had once meant her harm…

…and what this might mean for all of them.




Silt and mud clouded the bayou water where the divers stirred it up. It partially obscured Nik's vision, but she peered at the spots where the young woman went in the water and where the boy's bubbles came up. By looking closely, she saw him, struggling to free his leg from submerged tree limbs that entangled him and trapped him below the surface. His efforts seemed to slow, even as the seconds ticked on. She held her breath along with the boy.

Nik’s lungs burned. Although she knew the boy had trained for this event for years and learned to hold his breath longer than average, he must desperately need air.

The young woman reached the teen and released him from the branches. The boy shot upward. Only then did Nik gulp air again herself. At the surface, the boy gasped and yelled for help.

Her paralysis broke and Nik turned toward the commotion around the dock. Rescuers bundled the archbishop into the police boat and roared to shore. Paramedics helped him climb out and wrapped him in blankets before strapping him onto a stretcher and loading him into an ambulance which took off with lights flashing and sirens screaming.

The crowd's attention shifted to the boy in the water. Many hands reached to help him out. People shouted and called to one another, “Did you see what happened? What's going on?” Soon the crowd surrounded the boy.

Nik looked around for the young woman, but she did not reappear. Anxiety spiked again. Nik scanned beneath the water, but no bubbles rose to the surface.

She turned to the man and woman she thought were with the young woman. “Where is your friend who rescued the cross diver from drowning? What happened to her?”

The two glanced at each other and shrugged. The man shook his head. “We were not with anyone. We did not observe any such occurrence.”

Nik stared. “But she was standing here—right next to you. I thought you were together. She looked a lot like you. Except for the fact that you look like you live in a gym, the two of you might be twins.” Nik spoke to the older woman. “And you look like their mother. You must know her. Is she all right? Where did she go?”

The woman frowned. “Did you start the Glendi a little early, dear? Apparently, you have consumed quite a bit of Ouzo.”

She turned to the man. “Come, Basileus. It is time for us to go now. I am sure you are as ready to leave as I am.” Taking his arm, the woman pulled him toward the street. The man allowed her to tow him along, but he tuned his head and stared over his shoulder at Nik until the two disappeared into the crowd.


“Basileus, stop looking at the human girl and pay attention to where you are walking.” Mara Cantonous glared at her son. “She will realize you are staring at her and become even more curious about us.”

Bas had never set eyes on a more attractive woman, human or Nerei. He had heard of Aphrodite Agathaniki Aronopulos, the part-human, part-Nerei, who might provide the answer to their most pressing problem, but he never expected her to appear so much like one of them, yet so exotic.

Aphrodite's dark eyes held a softness Bas had never found in a Nerei woman. Her body was as rounded and full as any male of their kind would want. He didn't understand the human males who worshiped half-starved looking waifs with no curves. His fingers twitched when he thought of pulling the tie from her waist-length hair. Bas cleared an odd hoarseness from his throat. He turned back again, but the crowd closed in, and he lost sight of her.

“Please, Mother, call me Bas, as I have asked you to do many times. I was not staring at her. I glanced behind me for a minute. That is all. Why did we leave so precipitously? We plan to talk to her. Why not do it now?”

Mara shook her head. “Have you lost all your sense of decorum? We cannot tell her we are Nerei and ask for her help in the middle of this human ceremony, especially after what happened with the young diver. Think, Basileus. I assume you possess the ability.”

Bas sighed. His mother would never call him by the name he preferred, and she would never stop humiliating him. However, he would insist she explain her thought process, no matter how impatient she might appear. “If I knew what you had in mind, I would not have asked. Why can we not talk to the human now?”

“Because, Basileus, we need to sit down with her, prepare her for our revelation, and explain how important it is for her to allow us to test her. She must be in a receptive frame of mind when we tell her. Otherwise, she’ll deny what we say and refuse to help us.”

“All right, when will we talk to her? When will be the right time?” Bas hoped the even tone he adopted would soothe his mother.

“We’ll talk to her when I say it’s time and no sooner. Remember who the clan matriarch is, my son. The decision is mine alone. Now, we must find your sister and make sure no one connects her with the rescue of the young cross diver.”

Come, let us find Deme and go back to the clan house. We will plan our strategy for approaching Ms. Aronopulos.”

Bas nodded. He did not want his mother to guess how much he yearned to meet the beautiful human woman. Mara would not approve of his fascination with her. Therefore, he would be careful not to reveal his interest—but he could not help smiling. As he walked beside Mara, his steps seemed lighter than they had in a long time.

Buy Links (including Goodreads and BookBub):


Amazon: Water Dreams


Goodreads: Water Dreams


BookBub: Water Dreams



If money were no object, where would you go for a Spring Break vacation and why?


I’ve visited lots of lovely places. Cancun is a favorite. So are England, Scotland, and Ireland, but Hawaii tops my list of travel destinations. However, Florida is so beautiful in the spring, I can’t imagine leaving! I’m so lucky to live here. If I were to go somewhere else, it would be to Virginia to visit my granddaughters.


Why is your featured book a must-read this spring?


Water Dreams is set in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Florida is a traditional Spring Break destination, and Tarpon Springs is the most charming, unique small town in the state, with wonderful beaches, incredible restaurants and shops, and a welcoming Greek heritage. Even if you can’t get to the Sunshine State this Spring Break, Water Dreams can transport you there in your imagination!


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $25 Amazon gift card



Open internationally.


Runs April 1 – 30, 2024


Drawing will be held on May 1, 2024.


Author Biography:


Katherine Eddinger Smits’ fascination with all things paranormal stems from being a direct descendant of one of the women executed for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. Her paranormal romance stories feature mages, mermaids, and gifted humans grappling with real-life issues like relationships, self-acceptance and phobias, all while weaving in mystery and suspense.


Social Media Links:


TikTok: @katherinesmitsauthor



Apr 09

I’d love to take my family to Greece or Italy.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 08

Thank you, Katherine, for sharing your book in our Spring Break Bookapalooza! I love merman romances.

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