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When Hearts Collide by Ginny Frost is a Celebrate Weddings Event pick #romance #ku #giveaway

Title: When Hearts Collide

Author: Ginny Frost

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Planning and organizing the wedding this weekend left Stacey Montgomery little time for fun. She’s woefully behind on her Bucket List from the bridal shower. Right now, on the plane to Massachusetts, it’s her last chance to cross off number three. Luckily, there’s a hottie sitting next to her, and he looks promising. And if her plan succeeds, she might invite him for all the other winter activities on the list. After working through a criminal IRS audit at his job in Iverton, Eric Holmes could use some rest and relaxation. Usually, bad luck plows him flat like a steamroller, but this time his friend Pete caught the bad juju. With his bestie in a cast from a skiing accident, Eric gladly took Pete’s place to tend bar at a destination wedding on the Atlantic coast. Then, he sat next to the most beautiful woman—blonde, curvy, and…

She just asked him to join the mile-high club.


But how can he say no?


“Pardon me, I must’ve misheard you.”

Eric Holmes blinked open-mouthed at the beautiful woman beside him. The gods must be shining down on me. Or perhaps Karma was offering him a long-awaited gift. Yesterday, he agreed to help his friend Pete by bartending at a Valentine’s Day wedding. Now on a plane somewhere over the Midwest, his seatmate appeared to be propositioning him.

Back in Boulder, the woman had led the female contingent of the bachelor party he and Pete were attending. Eric had admired her blonde, silky hair and rocking body all week. Today, on the plane, she spoke to him for the first time. Attractive, athletic people had filled the ski resort to the brim. The blonde chatted up every other guy for four days. Eric never found a way in to talk to her, even with Pete’s help.

And now her question… was she serious?

“Well?” She gripped his arm with some serious pressure and giggled in a musical tone.

Heat crawled over his skin. Thank you, Valentine’s Day! The woman looked like a goddess. If she said what he thought, he might drop to his knees and thank every god possible.


“You’re Pete’s friend, right? Eric? I met you at the ski lodge.”

“That’s not what you asked me.” He waited, but her eyes glittered with impish glee. She could still be drunk from the four-day party they just left. Winter sports, tons of hot twenty-somethings, and hours of inebriation had created an excellent getaway.

Until Pete broke his leg.

“No.” She fluttered her eyelashes. “I asked you if you wanted to join the mile-high club.”

Eric looked away. No way would she ask him such a question. Pete might have put her up to it. It would totally be in character for him.

Images of her from the ski lodge danced in Eric’s head. She looked the picture-perfect snow-bunny in her ski suit. She flirted with every man in the place in such a sweet and sophisticated way that each one felt seen.

Eric pressed Pete for details over the weekend, but Pete, being Pete, said little and waggled his eyebrows much. Eric never witnessed her sneaking off with anyone. Now, she sat next to him on a plane to Boston, along with most of the ski party, asking him questions.

He licked his lips and imitated Pete’s super-suave manners. “Interesting proposition. Miss…?” He tilted the last word up, asking a question. Her name eluded him. Besides, it might creep her out if some arbitrary guy on her flight knew her name.

“Stacey.” She grinned. “I remember you from the lodge. All you boys…” She tittered, her cheeks flushing pink. “You were fun and funny, Eric.” She walked her fingers along his arm, which lay on the armrest between their seats. “I tried to ski with you a few times. You were all black diamonds, and I’m purely bunny slope.” She said “bunny” in such a way, it conjured images of her in a sexy rabbit costume, wrapped around his leg.

Was this actually happening?

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What makes your featured book a must-read?

This book spans two series—The Oakwood Tavern Series and the Sandy Bay series. It’s a fun romp in the snow with a one-night stand, a destination wedding, and a bit on intrigue.

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Runs June 6 – June 12, 2023.

Winner will be drawn on June 13, 2023.

Author Biography:

Ginny Frost is a hybrid author with two novels from The Wild Rose Press and four indie titles. She writes contemporary romance with a sexy, funny kick. In her downtime, she plays clerk at the local library—the perfect job to feed her reading addiction. She lives in upstate NY with her very own kind-hearted ogre, their two smart and sassy children, and an evil cat named Flash.

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Barbara Bettis
Jun 08, 2023

Whoa! Now there's an item for an adventurous bucket-lister! Sounds like a fun book!


D.V. Stone
D.V. Stone
Jun 07, 2023

Ginny Frost has a wonderful way of telling a story where you are plunged into it and feel like a character.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 07, 2023

Thank you, Ginny, for sharing your book in our Celebrate Weddings Bookish Event!

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