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5 stars for When Kurt Bludgeoned Rusty by @Beth__Henderson #paranormal #cozymystery #bookreview

Title: When Kurt Bludgeoned Rusty

Author: Beth Henderson

Genre: Paranormal Lite, Cozy Mystery, Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Book Blurb:

KILLAMAN FALLS is living up to its name – unfortunately. Emmalyst Whichur’s days on the mountain are numbered. Though not as fatally as Rusty Olmstede’s, the latest murder victim within the boundaries of Killaman Falls, were. Lyst’s goal has been to have concrete beneath her feet and exhaust fumes in her lungs before snow visits the mountain. Yet, when she learns her gentlemanly werewolf crime-solving partner has gone off to a crime scene without her, she’s torn. And ticked off. It’s not like she has a job to go to anywhere. It’s not as though she wants to leave Connor Wolfe behind. With the moon forcing him to shapeshift every twenty-eight days, he has different requirements on places to live than she does. Besides, they’ve only known each other for a month. Connor is simply glad Sheriff Honeycutt told him not to bring Lyst with him to the Olmstede home further up the mountain. He wouldn’t wish the nightmares the memory of Rusty’s unidentifiably beaten face will give him on his worst enemy. That doesn’t mean he and Lyst will avoid this case though. Particularly not when they begin to find further bodies. Or discover a cache of diamond jewelry, and stacks and stacks of cash. The only canines available to supply information about the victims are the coyotes and they’re not only acting out of character but appear to be amassing an army! As the Whichur-Wolfe Detection series wraps up, will Connor and Lyst manage to solve the most convoluted case yet! Will they survive the arrival on the mountain of the Úlfhéðnar, the Viking berserker werewolf determined to acquire Lyst’s late aunt’s work on a longevity formula! There’s only one way to find out! Grab When Kurt Bludgeoned Rusty!

My Review:

A conclusion fit for a beginning. This is the triumphant 4th installment in this intriguing shifter detective series. Followers of this lighthearted but serious series had a lot of unanswered questions at the end of the last book. Fear not, those questions will all be answered inside the cover of this book.

Here, we again find murder and mayhem in the mountains. Our two intrepid amateurs take on the case and much no give spoilers.

There were times when this reader didn't think all could be dealt with, but it was. This story is full of depth and detail that covers all the bases.

The story of Lyst and Connor is at the core of this series and at the core of this book. A well-written book that keeps the reader guessing. There are great new characters and blasts from the past too. There is something for everyone in this book. Recommended to fans of the series. Works very well as a standalone read. Fans of shifter detective/romance will love this book. A fitting end to a fun series.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

BETH HENDERSON has a lot of romantic comedy, romantic suspense, and historical romantic mystery book titles with her name on the covers, but when the temptation to do a “proper” Rapid Release series, she went for something entirely different. If you picture a very large bowl, probably a cauldron, then toss in elements like paranormal, cozy mystery, snarky delivery, and comedic situations, as well as murder, well, it was quite a stew that simmered, keeping her chained to the computer for seven months in 2021. Fortunately, the reviews are showing readers have really liked this wild ride in genre niche land.

Social Media Links:

Visit her at, on, or @Beth__Henderson on Twitter.

Reviewed by: Mr. N


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