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5 stars for White Sands Gold by @miketorreano #historicalwestern #oldwest #western #bookreview

Title: White Sands Gold

Author: Mike Torreano

Genre: Historical Western Mystery, Historical Western

Book Blurb:

New Mexico Territory, 1890 In a hidden cavern, a treasure trove of gold sits alongside an ancient relic. To find her treasure-hunting brother, Lottie Durham enlists the help of an easygoing lawman. When a mysterious woman known only as Ma asks her to join the relic’s guardians, Lottie’s world spins. Should she take on this solemn obligation? Twill, leader of the mysterious guardians, has sworn a vow to protect the centuries-old religious relic. Regrets bedevil him and his dedication to his oath is repeatedly tested. If he breaks his promise, he’ll fail Ma, the one person he’s never wanted to let down. Will a looming raid by a band of determined killers be the end of the guardians, the gold, and the relic?

My Review:

An ancient relic surrounded by gold needs a guardian…will Lottie vow to protect it with her life? Legend says deep in a cavern lies a vast amount of gold. Lottie’s brother has gone missing. Has he found the gold? Lottie doesn’t care about the gold, only her brother. She strong-arms a local lawman to help her find her brother. With each passing hour, she worries she won’t find him in time. Along the way, she meets a woman named Ma. Ma tells a story of an ancient relic that needs protecting. Ma asks if Lottie will become a guardian. She’s not sure but time is running out. With a band of cutthroats looking for the gold, Lottie and the guardians will have to outrun the killers, rescue her brother, and protect the relic. Has Lottie just sealed her death warrant?

White Sands Gold is a historical western mystery not to be missed. If you enjoy your westerns with a bit of mystery and a handful of adventure, this is the book for you. In classic western style, the pacing is even and heavy on backstory. Mike Torreano builds layer upon layer with precision so when the action starts, the reader is all in on the story. I connected with Lottie right away. She’s a strong, take no lip, heroine who can hold her own against any gunslinger. Her action-orientated mindset made me cheer. I enjoy westerns more when the heroine is not some whimpering miss but a hard-working woman who can take care of herself. My praise goes to the author for adding realism to the characters, especially Lottie. The descriptive narration is also realistic and immersive. The setting is historically accurate and beautiful. The action scenes are descriptive and align with the time period. The mystery subplot adds suspense, and I quite enjoyed it. Mike Torreano has penned a stunning historical western. If you like your westerns gritty and full of adventure, you’ll want to read White Sands Gold. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

I write traditional westerns, some are mysteries, others are sweet reads, all have romance.

My inspiration has always been Zane Grey, who I started reading in fifth grade. His vivid descriptions put me riding right along with the cowboys and Indians amid the red sandstone formations of the Painted Desert.

I'm also drawn to The Code of the West, which laid out right and wrong for many parts of the Old West that didn't have any other law. Our country could sure use some of those timeless values today.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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