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Wild Whispers by @RyanJoSummers is a Backlist Bonanza pick #romance #paranormal #giveaway

Title: Wild Whispers

Author: Ryan Jo Summers

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Set against the exciting backdrop in the chase for the Triple Crown and filled with mystical surprises. Season can make a horse run and Ty’s heart race. Season Moriarty is fey and druid. Now she has landed the dream job that will test all of her skills and abilities. Ty Masters runs his business with an iron fist. Season challenges him, infuriates him, captivates him, and even intimidates him. But can she make a Triple Crown winner out of his willful colt? Mysterious threats bring them together in another race. The stakes for the Triple Crown rise and the unknown identity of who wants to destroy Ty continues, so do their fiery sparks.


“He escorted her to Winter’s Dawn’s stall and hung around in the background. He figured vets knew what they’re doing. He was fairly sure she was in and out in only a few minutes.”

“The tape showed a bit more than just ‘a few minutes.” Ty pointed out. He took another sip of juice and carefully set the glass aside. “Did Eddie happen to notice any tools or equipment she might have used? Did she give a name at least?”

“No. She just opened her clipboard. He wasn’t paying any attention. And if she gave a name, he forgot it.”

Ty frowned. Eddie would surely hear a few words regarding his lack of attention to details. He massaged his neck and rolled it once. “All right, next.”

“It was much the same with Sky Hunter. Eddie admitted he was surprised to see her show up again, but he believed her to be the track vet. He noticed Sky Hunter was acting flight, but to be fair, it’s hard to tell the difference between his normal flighty and something or someone making him act flighty.”

Ty ignored her barb. “And Tommy? Was he at least more helpful?” Mercy, but his crew was next to worthless in this matter!

“A little. Tommy brought Doodlebug in and the woman jumped up from the straw in front of Sky Hunter. She pushed something into her clipboard and slammed it shut. He assumed it was a pen or something. Then she rushed out barely muttering a few words. And most interestingly, Doodlebug was acting weird.”

Ty blinked. “That’s off for him.”

Season nodded and sat down. “That’s what I thought. So, I went to the stables this morning.”

Ty’s head snapped up. “You interrogated the horses?”

“They seem like credible witnesses.”

He opened his mouth, changed his mind and sat, waiting instead. He gave her a hand wave to proceed.

She drew in a breath and rested her hands on her knees. “Winter’s Dawn showed lots of pain and fear. She felt a badness from the woman at first. No pain initially, but strong distrust.”

He shook his head. This conversation was going so far from where he imagined it. “A badness?”

“Horses sometimes lack the words we use to describe things, it’s more pictures and feelings. It was only later Dawnie felt the sharp stabbing pain in her leg during the race. Like suddenly tiny razor blades biting through her leg.”

Ty sat up straighter. “She told you this?”

Not in those exact words.” Season hesitated. “Let’s just say you don’t want to know how I know those are her exact feelings.”

No, he didn’t. He could well imagine how she knew. And once again, Season’s abilities scared him. He drew in a deep breath, letting his chest slowly expand. “Alright, how about the other two? So far we cannot connect the woman’s visit to Dawnie’s feelings.”

“Sky Hunter also sensed a badness, something not to trust. No pain, just mistrust. Not a lot coming from him, I know. But Doodlebug had the best information. He saw a person who wanted to cause evil, who had black in her heart, who smelled of wickedness and wasn’t to be trusted at all. A predator. A hunter. He also noticed a small instrument with a handle, that could be a pen or a razor.”

Stunned, Ty could only mull that over for a moment. “Doodlebug told you all that?”

Season nodded. “In pictures, yes.”

He steepled his fingers under his chin. His lips twitched as he considered the irony of the situation. Surely fate was having a grand time playing with his life, and has sent this beguiling, impossible woman to aid them. Finally, he spoke. “You are telling me the best witness we have to these crimes is that pony?”

Her mute nod completely unwound him.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

In the wide-open ranges of Wyoming an eccentric millionaire raises champion Thoroughbreds. Ty Masters needs a winning trainer to work with his horses, particularly a troublesome three-year-old. What he gets is a waif of a woman, who claims to possess the magic of her ancestors. Whatever she possesses, she cast a spell over his willful colt, his entire household, and over his heart.

Season Moriarty is a competent horse trainer, with a successful track record. Eager for a fresh start, she hires on to Ty Masters. He might think he can rule his property with an iron fist, but he will soon learn she marches to no man’s drum. She can channel her inner druid, summon her internal fey, and make Mr. Masters’ heart beat in time to her own.

Like the horses pounding down the final stretch, their hearts beat wildly, and their love is unstoppable. United, they fight to find the source of the threat to Ty’s horses.

Giveaway –

Enter to win an e-book bundle of all 66 books featured in the Backlist Bonanza: Open Internationally. Runs August 25 – 31, 2020. Winner will be drawn on September 7, 2020.

Author Biography:

I was born in Michigan and grew up surrounded by books, pretty much all piled and stacked in my room. I had bookshelves to hold them since I could remember. Christmas and birthdays were easy, just buy me books.

My tastes in subject matter and genres grew as I matured.

It seemed only natural to write as well as read. The first book I wrote was at age ten and was about a twelve-page story that I also illustrated and stapled together into book format. I was so proud! If only I still had that about somewhere.

Since then, I never stopped writing. Some articles made it into magazines, some stories made honorable mention in contests, my journal has grown thicker. Writing poetry also serves as therapy to life's hurts, a trait apparently inherited from my dad's aunt. Writers, poets and songwriters run through my lineage. I guess you could say I come from a line of wordsmiths.

In 2012, selling my first novel for publication has been not only a dream come true of becoming a novelist, but also a pinnacle of thirty odd years of writing. With each new story, novel or novella that comes out, I grow as a writer and take another step on this incredible journey called life.

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Thank you, Ryan Jo, for sharing your book in our Backlist Bonanza!

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